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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Games to Watch this Weekend 14.9

Be careful Auburn, Ole Miss is sneaky!
WARNING: There are only five weekends left of full regular season College Football games this year!!  Get your watching in while you can!!

The biggest game of the weekend will be Saturday night at 7pm when #4 Auburn plays at #3 Ole Miss.  There are a lot of interesting games to watch outside of that thought and I'll take you through them...


What to watch!
  • #2 Florida State at #25 Louisville - (ESPN)  Florida State players are apparently made of some non-stick material.  Their Heisman defending QB and now starting RB have both been accused of some heinous aggression towards women in the past year and while the rest of the sports world is cutting players or throwing the book at guys accused of these things, Florida State is taking the, "if we have exhausted all means and still cannot get the player out of jail, only then will we suspend for perhaps just a series or two our players who run afoul of the law" approach.  Here's hoping that a Teddy Bridgewater-less L'Ville Cardinal shows the country that FSU is just not as good this year as they have been recently.  FSU wins 42-28
  • Saints at Panthers - (NFL/CBS) Both teams are 3-4 (well the Panthers have a tie, yuck) and still at the top of their Division.  The Cam Newtons will try to rack up a few more yards this week than last and fortunately they are playing a very porous defense helmed by a very angry Rex Ryan.  It's really been their achilles heal because their offense is putting up 28 points per game, which is good for 5th in the NFL.  Saints win 32-23
  • Wisconsin at Rutgers - (ESPN)  It's pretty nice being in the Big Ten isn't it?  In the past when Rutgers had a noon kickoff against a non ranked team it was definitely not on a major TV channel.  Now it's two unranked teams playing and Rutgers is on ESPN Regular.  Not bad.  Anyway, the Scarlet Knights will try to rebound with or without their injured QB, Gary Nova who has practiced but still appears to be a gametime decision for this game after getting his knee driven into the field by a Defensive Tackle last weekend.   If he can't go, it's up to Redshirt Freshman Chris Laviano to lead the Knights against a surprisingly good Wisco pass defense.  On the other side of the ball, the Badgers Badgers Badgers are led by Ameer Melvin Gordon.  Ameer Abdullah, the Nebraska running back who gave Rutgers defenders whiplash last week was a good warmup for Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon.  Abdullah is first in the country in rushing yards while Gordon is only 4th.  In fact, three of their four remaining games feature top RBs.  Wisco's Gordon is #4, Indiana's Coleman is #3, Michigan State's Langford is #21 (and he basically didn't play their first three games with an injury) in the country in terms of total rushing yards.  Trial by fire for Rutgers LBs this year.  Rutgers wins 27-23
Hopefully Abdullah is the only one of those top RBs who can actually fly.
  • #7 TCU at #20 West Virginia - (ABC)  I hope that the Mountaineer defense shows up a little more than Texas Tech's did last week when they surrendered 82 points to the Horned Frogs.  Maybe they are just all outta points after that?  I have maintained all year that West Virginia is heavily underrated as you've surely noticed in the SKOHRboard rankings but TCU is a team that looks like they might be a Top 5 team whereas WVU might top out around #12.  This game is going to be played in front of a West Virginia fanbase who will be collectively losing their minds and if things break right, I think they could pull off the upset.  That won't happen though.  TCU beats WVU 52-40
  • Florida at #11 Georgia - (CBS) This is basically Florida's last chance to get some respect except for a November 29th matchup with FSU.  If they lose here will Muschamp still be the coach for the Thanksgiving weekend contest?  Florida is extremely talented so they should be able to win or at least compete in every game they play.  Their last four recruiting classes were nationally ranked as #12, #3, #4, #8 while Georgia's have been #5, #12, #12, #7.  There will be lots of talent on the field and lots of cocktails just off the field as this game is also dubbed the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.  Georgia wins 20-13
  • #4 Auburn at #3 Ole Miss - (ESPN)  Ole Miss lost a heartbreaker to LSU last weekend and I think that was the beginning of the end for the Rebels playoff hopes.  I think they lose this game and the Egg Bowl to Miss State.  9-3 isn't a bad record at all but it's tough when you legitimitely believe that you are going to play for a National Championship at any point during the season.  Auburn's offense is just too tough to stop for four quarters.  It's designed to spring big plays and that is just what will happen here.  Auburn is actually a lot like LSU but with a QB who is a legit threat.  Auburn wins 23-19
  • Stanford at #5 Oregon - (FOX)  The Ducks try to keep things together against a Defense that has repeatedly foiled them in the the past.  Stanford meanwhile has to hope that they are able to get something going on Offense.  It's really hard to believe that they are just that bad at putting points on the board but look at this; against Power 5 teams they've scored 10, 20, 14, 34, 10, and 38 points this season.  That's not good.  Overall they are 91st in the country in points scored and 2nd in points against.  What's up with that?  Maybe it's time for a QB change?  Oregon wins 35-16
PAC12 TIME!!! (rhetorical)
  • #12 Arizona plays #22 UCLA - (ESPN)  Seriously PAC12?  UCLA is not a great team, they have just enough talent to be competitive but will not win games they need to.  Fortunately they do not NEED to win this game as they are realistically out of competition for anything this year.  Arizona on the other hand has to win this game to keep their hopes alive.  All that means is that this game will end in some ridiculous series of events only further clouding the hierarchy of the PAC12 conference.  UCLA wins 44-38
  • #17 Utah at #14 Arizona State - (FS1)  Here's another game that the PAC12 hopes you don't notice.  I can't figure out what outcome would be worse for the conference and that is probably a bad sign for the conference.   Utah and Arizona State have both played the QB shuffle with abnormal success this season and I suppose if you are a nightowl or in your 20's you watch that play out here if you can tune in to enjoy this game (in space?, the internet?, Cab TV?, where is FS1 again?)
  • Arizona at Dallas - (FOX)  The Cardinals look to keep their streak alive against the NFC East after TOTALLY GETTING LUCKY LAST WEEK WHEN THEY BEAT THE EAGLES.  Also Dallas might be actively trying to bring about the end of the Tony Romo era if they trot him out there again this weekend.  Here's hoping that Larry Fitzgerald finds the endzone again, and again, and again.  Arizona wins 34-28
  • Philadelphia at Houston - (FOX)  The Eagles try to rebound this week against JJ Watt.  I'm not sure if there are other players on the Cougars Texans but it would seem that they really don't need them too much this season as Watt has really been a one man wrecking crew.  For some reason I think Jordan Matthews has a breakout game here.  Eagles win 38-20

  • Denver at New England - (CBS)  Again?  Somehow the league always manages to get this matchup to happen.  It's like they are in college and this is some protected historical rivalry that just cannot not happen.  Either way, it's good football.  Denver is probably the best team in the NFL right now and the Patriots aren't going to slow them down.  Revis is playing better but there is only one of him.  Manning put his ability to find the open guy on display last week as he made Emmanual Sanders look like an All Pro.  I feel like unless former Rutgers WR, Tim Wright absolutely blows up, the Broncos win here.  Denver wins 30-27
  • Baltimore at Pittsburgh - (NBC)  Roethelsomething put together a ridiculous game last week and would really like to keep that mojo going against a Ravens team most likely playing without their best CB, Jimmy Smith.  The Ravens have been playing well despite not having Ray Rice this season.  A big tip of the hat is due to a resurgent Steve Smith who looks like he is 27 again and playing like one of the best WRs in the game.  Baltimore wins 27-20
  • Indianapolis at NYG - (ESPN)  Eli Manning attempts to avenge his brother PEY here but won't.  The Giants are at the end of the line.  Their "luck" has run out if you will.  Eli has long been the luckiest football player on the planet but things seem to be catching up to him now.  Andrew Luck is probably the Peyton Manning of this generation.  Did you realize that he has only played 2.5 seasons in the NFL so far?  His completion percentages were 54% in his first year, 60% in his second and are 65% now half-way through his third season.  This guy is not only one of the best already, but he is still getting better.  It's got to be good to be a Colts fan.  Indy wins 30-17

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mid Year 2014 Coaching Carousel Speculation

The return of the Prodigal Son needs more hat.
There are a few things we know about major coaching positions heading in to next year.  Brady Hoke will not be Michigan's coach next year and Will Muschamp will not be Florida's coach next year.  Those are surely not the only moves that will happen but just the most high profile shifts that will surely reverberate throughout the coaching industry.

Brady Hoke is fired
Les Miles takes Michigan job
Mark Hudspeth takes the LSU

Will Muschamp is fired
Jim McElwain takes the Florida job

Tom Coughlin is fired
Brian Kelly moves to the New York Giants
Gary Patterson takes the Notre Dame job
Ruffin McNeil takes the TCU job

It would be so fun to watch these two on opposite sides of the Iron Bowl

Rex Ryan is fired
Nick Saban leaves Alabama for New York Jets
Alabama hires Jim Harbaugh
49ers hires Gus Malzahn
Auburn hires Dana Holgorson
West Virginia hires Chuck Martin

All of this leads to Rutgers hiring Dan Mullen after both Rutgers and Mississippi State finish only barely Bowl eligible in 2015.  Mullen then hires South Jersey native and former 49ers and Stanford Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman to the OC position after he sits out a year of coaching after the 49ers staff is turned over.  Mullen then hires former Florida Defensive Coordinator and recruiter extraordinaire DJ Durkin to be the DC.  Boom.  Rutgers National Championship in 2016.  This all happens just a short year after bringing in the best class in school history by going 10 for 10 with NJ's top recruits Rashan Gary, Kareem Walker, and Jarrett Guarantano, Cameron Chambers, Jordan Fuller, Ahmir Mitchell, Brad Hawkins, Quayshon Alexander, Ron Johnson, and Hasise Dubois all become Scarlet Knights.  A dynasty is born in New Jersey!  Could it happen? Maybe, or Rutgers just goes undefeated next year, signs the same recruiting class and inks Flood, Friedgen, and Rossi to long term contracts to fend off the NFL teams begging for their services.  It will be one of the two.  

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

College Football Weekly Digest 14.9

Auburn hangs on to beat South Carolina
Ole Miss lost to LSU and suddenly the battle of Mississippi looks like it's an all or nothing for the Mississippi State Bulldogs as the Rebels will realistically only play the role of spoiler in the Egg Bowl.  This has been a very interesting College Football season so far and I look forward to watching the second half play out.

Tonight marks the initial rankings of the College Football Playoff Committee.  We will finally see how they start to think about how teams compare to one another and what really matters.  I couldn't be more excited that we are moving to a playoff system.  Well the only way I'd be more excited is if they used the patented SKOHRboard playoff system of 12 teams but we'll get to that later on this season.  

What concerns me is that we really have no idea how to value one conference over another outside of a handful of cross conference matchups.  For example, the Big10 has played two games against the SEC, five games against the Pac12, three games against the Big12, and four against the ACC.  This gives us such a small fraction of comparison to work with we are left with relatively independent spheres of relativity.  That means that by the end of the season I should probably be able to tell you roughly how five different sets of teams stack rank amongst themselves but when combined I am left with very little confidence of a how those five sets of teams are relative to one another.  

There are two ways to solve for this lack of knowledge.  The first is to schedule more inter-conference games and the second way is to expand the playoff.  Which do you think will happen first?

SKOHRboard's Heisman update for the week:
  1. Marcus Mariota - New leader in the clubhouse!
  2. Dak Prescott
  3. Ameer Abdullah
  4. Trevone Boykin, QB - TCU (first appearance on our list!)
  5. Golson
  6. Cooper
  7. Gordon
  8. Carden
  9. TBD - Gurley, RB - Georgia
  10. Kevin White, WR - West Virginia
SKOHRboard's Top 25
  1. Mississippi State
  2. Florida State +1
  3. Auburn +7
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Oregon+1
  6. Ole Miss -5
  7. Alabama -2
  8. TCU +1
  9. Georgia +3
  10. Michigan State -3
  11. Ohio State -2
  12. Kansas State -1
  13. Baylor +3
  14. LSU (NR)
  15. Arizona -1
  16. West Virginia -1
  17. Nebraska +1
  18. East Carolina -1
  19. Oklahoma
  20. Wisconsin (NR)
  21. Arizona State -8
  22. Utah -2
  23. USC -1
  24. Louisville -3
  25. Clemson -1

Dropouts: UCLA, Minnesota

SKOHRboard Picks from last week (P = Predicted, A = Actual Score):
  • P: ECU 52 UConn 13 A: ECU 31 UConn 21
  • P: Broncos 31 Chargers 20 A: Broncos 35 Chargers 21
  • P: Cincy 35 USF 18 A: Cincy 34 USF 17
  • P: Oregon 70 Cal 35 A: Oregon 59 Cal 41
  • P: Nebraska 24 Rutgers 20 A: Nebraska 42 Rutgers 24
  • P: Michigan State 42 Michigan 13 A: Michigan State 35 Michigan 11
  • P: LSU 17 Ole Miss 16 A: LSU 10 Ole Miss 7
  • P: Auburn 31 South Carolina 26 A: Auburn 42 South Carolina 35
  • P: Falcons 24 Lions 20 A: Lions 22 Falcons 21
  • P: Panthers 30 Seahawks 24 A: Seahawks 13 Panthers 9
  • P: Eagles 32 Cardinals 27 A: Cardinals 24 Eagles 20
  • P: Saints 42 Packers 38 A: Saints 44 Packers 23
  • P: Cowboys 31 Washington 13 A: Washington 20 Cowboys 17

Record for the week 9-4
Total record since Week 8: 9-4

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Games to Watch this Weekend 14.8

Rebels stare Death Valley in the face
Just a handful of really exciting game this weekend but certainly some room to think that there might be an upset here and there.  Many teams we thought had the talent to be serious contenders have lost games or not looked quite as good as we thought and while they might not be competing for a spot in the playoff any longer, they sure can ruin somebody else's road to glory.

Who's playin?

  • UConn at #18 East Carolina - (ESPNU) Check it out to see ECU's QB Shane Carden light it up.  He has been one of the most prolific passers in college football but doens't get on National TV too often.  I don't get the feeling that UConn is going to slow him down so it might be a good opportunity to catch him play. ECU wins 52-13
  • Chargers at Broncos - (NFL/CBS) Great matchup here.  The Chargers have been one of the hottest teams in the NFL over the past few weeks and the Peyton Mannings have the Broncos on their team, so that is always must watch football. Broncos win 31-20
  • South Florida at Cincinnati - (ESPN2) How often are there two watchable Friday night games in a season?  This is one of those weekends.  Check out Cincy's QB Gunner Kiel and their air it out offense against South Florida.  USF always seems to have a very athletic secondary. Cincy wins 35-18
  • #6 Oregon at Cal - (FS1)  Could the Pac12 make their games any less watchable?  Why on earth would they put Top ranked Oregon against Cal this late on a Friday night and air it on a channel most people don't know exists?  Seriously?  The other night I tried to watch playoff baseball (super bored I guess) and after searching through "all the channels" two or three times gave up and figured that it just wasn't on TV.  I was surprised that the MLB wouldn't air all their playoff games on TV but rationalized it given how boring it generally is but later saw it listed on line the game was on Fox Sports 1.  Then I had to look online to find out what channel that is for Time Warner Cable subscribers.  Took forever.  You are probably as bored reading this description as I was when I finally turned the game on for a minute only to decide I should probably just go to bed.  Anyway, Oregon is going to score 70 points this week. Oregon wins 70-35
  • Rutgers at #18 Nebraska - (ESPN2) Can Rutgers surprise the heavily favored Cornhuskers?  Maybe.  I think that Rutgers is very good against the run and given how poorly Nebraska throws the ball there is a good chance that they just play this game like they did the Navy offense.  Nebraska's DE Randy Gregory and RB Ameer Abdullah are some of the best in the country but the team as a whole has looked vulnerable at times.  If this game were at Rutgers I could see the Scarlet Knights surprising them but I think in Nebraska, they'll lose a close game.  Huskers win 24-20
  • Michigan at #8 Michigan State - (ABC) Michigan is coming off a happy win for them against PSU but Michigan State is fresh off a dominating performance against Indiana.  This one feels like it could get ugly fast if MSU is able to stuff Devin Gardner.  The Spartans also have some great weapons in Lippett and Langford that will be hard for the Wolverines to slow them down.  Spartans win 42-13
  • #3 Ole Miss at #24 LSU - (ESPN) A top ranked Ole Miss team travels to Death Valley to take on the talented Tigers.  If there was some sort of upset alert logo or buzzer that I had, I'd use it here.  I feel like LSU is just too talented on both sides of the ball to lose more than three games in a year and I'm not completely sold on the Rebels ability to play at a #3 in the country type level week in and week out for a full season.  They have a few players that are special but LSU wins the talent battle (they do that against just about everyone though) and I think if their QB can make a few plays as opposed to just not, they make this close and pull away in the second half.  LSU wins 17-16
  • South Carolina at #5 Auburn - (SEC) Auburn is somehow under the radar here after playing in the National Championship game last year, returning a good portion of that team, and generally looking very good in all of their games this season.  Now that I've said that I think this is another game that could be an upset.  Yes South Carolina has been disappointing this year but they are disappointing because they have so much talent and we expect that talent to win battles.  While they've come up on the short end of that stick more often then we thought they would it doesn't mean that they can't hang.  Mike Davis hasn't gotten going this year and their D has been underwhelming but let's not forget that this team beat Georgia earlier this year.  Could be a very entertaining game with talent all over the field.  Auburn wins 31-26
  • Lions at Falcons - (FOX) MORNING FOOTBALL ON THE EAST COAST!!  How Californian!? I'm still surprised that Atlanta is this bad.  I realize that their line is still banged up and they basically just have a battering ram playing running back but between Julio Jones and Matt Ryan I have to think they should be winning more of these games.  My gut says that without Calvin Johnson playing and the Falcons approaching this like a business trips that their lives depend on, that they'll get the W.  Falcons win 24-20
Cam Newton brings a whole lot of offense to the Seattle defense.
  • Seahawks at Panthers - (CBS)  The Seahawks are going to lose again.  I just don't see how they can travel across the country to play the early game against a pretty good Panthers team and get the win.  Between LBs Davis and Kuechly I think the Panthers will neutralize Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch forcing QB Wilson and his WRs to make all the plays.  Conversely the Seahawks have no answer for the Panthers best weapons Cam Newton, Greg Olson, and Cam Newton.  Panthers win 30-24
  • Eagles at Cardinals - (FOX) Both teams are 5-1 and fun to watch.  The Cardinals have been unable to get Larry Fitzgerald going this season but that doesn't appear to be slowing them down at all.  The Eagles finally look like they have McCoy going again.  Eagles win 32-27
  • Packers at Saints - (NBC)  The Saints are just like the Falcons, what is going on with these teams in the NFC South?  The Packers started the season slow but Rogers looks like a top QB right now and I wouldn't be surprised if Brees returns to form in this game.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for a shootout here.  Saints win 42-38
  • Washington at Dallas - (ESPN)  The Cowboys are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now and Washington is not.  They are down to their third string QB, who just happens to be Texas quaterbacking legend Colt McCoy, the all time winningest QB from the University of Texas!  How odd is that?  The Cowboys are going to steamroll the team from Washington though.  Dallas wins 31-13

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

College Football Weekly Digest 14.8

Kevin White take
The biggest news from the past weekend is the loss by Baylor to previously unranked but always saucy looking West Virginia team.  The Mountaineers QB, Clint Trickett, to WR, Kevin White combo has been one of the best in the country this season and it really stood out against a Baylor defense that hasn't looked as bend but don't breaky as usual these past few weeks.

Alabama absolutely destroyed Texas A&M too.  I definitely did not see that coming as A&M's offense appeared to be an unstoppable juggernaut until about two weeks ago.   

In other news Notre Dame and Florida State played a toss up.  Both teams looked great and while Florida State won, I think this game showed that both teams are Playoff contenders.

Kansas State beat Oklahoma which is somewhat surprising unless you've seen them both play this year.  Kansas State QB, Jake Waters is very good.

TCU blew out Oklahoma State which is notable as the horned frogs absolutely outplayed Baylor last week except for the final minutes of the game when they incredibly gave up 24 points to lose.  At this point I'd rate TCU over Baylor despite last week's game.

It looks like the Big Ten is going to come down to Michigan State and Ohio State with Nebraska a somewhat close third right now.  The Pac12 is a total mystery if you just look at the box scores but I still think Oregon is the best team by a wide margin.  The SEC is totally up for grabs but I think Georgia looks like the best team in the East.  The Big12 comes down to TCU and Kansas State with West Virginia a surprising third for me at this point but they are really just getting into the swing of their schedule.  Oh yeah, the ACC still exists.  Could they be more boring?  UNC, Virginia, Pitt, BC, Miami, blech!  These teams are all so mediocre or bad.  Syracuse and Wake Forest are so bad they almost don't even count. Nobody longs for 1983 quite like ACC fans, except maybe Notre Dame fans (that glorious year they started retirement!).  Perfect!  FSU and Clemson are easily the cream of the crop here but FSU already beat them without their best player on the field.  Boring.

Heisman rundown is unchanged:
  1. Prescott
  2. Mariota
  3. Golson
  4. Carden
  5. Gordon
  6. Cooper
  7. Abdullah
SKOHRboard's Top 25:
  1. Mississippi State
  2. Mississippi +1
  3. Florida State +1
  4. Notre Dame +2
  5. Alabama +2
  6. Oregon +2
  7. Michigan State +5
  8. Ohio State +1
  9. TCU -4
  10. Auburn 
  11. Kansas State +2
  12. Georgia -1
  13. Arizona State +7
  14. Arizona +4
  15. West Virginia +9
  16. Baylor -14
  17. East Carolina -3
  18. Nebraska +6
  19. Oklahoma -4
  20. Utah -1
  21. Louisville (NR)
  22. USC -1
  23. Minnesota (NR)
  24. Clemson -1
  25. UCLA (NR)
Dropouts: Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Stanford

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Games to Watch this Weekend 14.7

Has Meyer been playing the long game?  An eye on the Rutgers job this whole time?  
There might not be as many blockbuster type games this weekend as there were the previous two but there are still good matchups at nearly every time slot.  Apparently those Mississippi schools can hang this season.  We are always learning.  Alabama looked mortal against Arkansas last week and Nick Saban hates you for thinking that.  TCU is a pretty good football team but Baylor is juuuuust a little bit better.  The Pac12 is as evenly matched as any conference has been in recent memory.  

In the NFL last week we saw the resurgence of an absolutely dominant Eagles team as they made Eli make the Eli face so much so, that ESPN actually aired a montage of the Eli face.  This is not that gif, it's from week one from last year, but I think you get the point.  Also the Eliface is a SKOHRboard favorite so... enjoy!

Let's hope there is some more of that this weekend!!

Here's what to watch this weekend:

  • Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh - (ESPN) Hey look!  Recognizable football teams are playing and you just got home from work!  Great!  Actually the Pitt running back James Connor led the NCAA in rushing for the first five weeks of the season or so, then he ran into Iowa and never looked the same.  Also Virginia Tech beat Ohio State at the one point this year so that's something. Va Tech wins 28-18
  • NYJ at New England - (CBS/NFL) If you are a Jets fan and you are being honest with yourself, how much do you miss Mark Sanchez right now?  I feel like the Jets QBs have gone a combined 3-36 passing over the last two weeks, which if you are keeping track at home, is bad.  The Patriots probably aren't as bad as everyone thought they were when they got crushed by KC but they also probably aren't as good as they have been in recent years.  Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Jets won?  Patriots win 24-13
  • #4 Baylor at West Virginia - (Something called Fox Sports 1)* This is another one of those classic Big12 matchups where Defense is something they play only in those fancy coastal towns!  "Here in the middle we throw that ball up fer grabs on every dang play like a real football team is 'sposed ta." - Everyone at Baylor and West Virginia.  West Virginia has been my favorite Dark Horse team this season after playing both Alabama and Oklahoma very tight in two unfortunately losing efforts.  If they can beat Baylor I think they jump into the Top 15. But they'll have to beat Baylor first. *Honestly Fox Sports 1 just move your channel next to ESPN so people can find it.  I spent probably 5 minutes scrolling through "all" the channels several times last night completely perplexed as to how the playoff baseball game wasn't on TV only to look it up online and find that it was on FS1, which is after all the foreign channels and even the music channels that nobody goes to.  Baylor wins 61-53 
  • #14 Kansas State at #11 Oklahoma - (ESPN) Kansas State QB Jake Waters looked awesome against Auburn but unfortunately he was the only one that looked that way.  They need WR Tyler Lockett to make some plays as he is certainly capable of to beat Oklahoma but this should be a great game.  Kansas State wins 31-28
  • #21 Texas A&M at #7 Alabama - (CBS) Can A&M's QB Kenny Hill get his mojo back against a vulnerable looking Alabama team?  Can Alabama's stud skill players Yelden and Cooper bust out against an A&M defense that is very inconsistent?  I'd watch.  A&M wins 38-30

  • Rutgers at #13 Ohio State - (ABC) Rutgers begins the toughest stretch of games in the program's history with this matchup in Ohio.  Their defense has looked very good this year but mobile QBs have given them fits (see Howard).  I have a bad feeling that despite being relatively inexperienced, Ohio State's Barrett and the overwhelming talent of their WRs will make for a long day with Rutgers shaky secondary.  Hopefully Rutgers QB Gary Nova can play like he did against Michigan and rise to the occasion making this a game that they can win despite Vegas predicting they'll lose by three touchdowns.  Ohio State wins 36-24 (kills me to write that)
  • #15 Oklahoma State at #12 TCU - (FS1)  Has Oklahoma State played a game since losing to Florida State in week 1?  Doesn't really feel like it.  They are another one of those Big12 teams capable of putting up 80 points if you aren't watching them but I have a feeling TCU went back to the drawing board after giving up 24 points in a row last week to lose a heartbreaker to Baylor.  TCU wins 48-44
  • #5 Notre Dame at #2 Florida State - (ABC) This game has been all over the news this week as FSU's delinQB Jamies Winston continues to get bailed out by his coach whose livelihood is riding on the success of a wildly immature and out of touch 20 year old who thinks he is above the law and smarter than everyone else.  Did that come off as heavy handed?  I just think this kid needs a reality check or he is going to find himself in serious trouble sooner than later.  In the battle of choir boy QBs I guess Notre Dame's Everett Golson, who was only suspended all of last year for being caught cheating on exams, comes out on top but man does this game feel slimy.  I hope they cancel it and everyone just agrees that that would be for the best.  Nobody wins.
  • #23 Stanford at #17 Arizona State - (ESPN)  This game is the Week 7 installment of two highly ranked Pac12 teams playing against one another and somehow the whole conference loses no matter what.  I can't tell what would be the best outcome in this game for the conference.  Stanford somehow cannot put points on the board with 4 star guys at every position when the rest of the country seemingly doesn't know what to do with all the points falling out of their pockets every weekend.  If they can figure that out they might be a Top 20 team but until then they are almost painful to watch.  Keep an eye on ASU's WR Jaelen Strong, that guy can play.  Arizona State wins 31-20
  • Bengals at Colts - (CBS)  Both teams have looked very good at times with the Colts coming on really strong lately.  Andrew Luck just makes play after play and is worth the price of admission every weekend.  The Bengals were good until Tom Brady blew their doors off in New England two weeks ago.  Colts win 35-27
  • Saints at Lions - (Fox)  Somehow the Saints only have two wins so far.  They were probably a Top 5 pick to win the Super Bowl before the season started.  What gives?  The Lions will most likely be without WR Calvin Johnson so the Saints might have the ability to steal this one on the road.  Saints win 31-20.  It could be 31-26 but the Lions will miss at least two field goals.
  • Panthers at Packers - (Fox)  Two of the most entertaining QBs in the NFL.  What's not to like?  Cam Newton is seriously like 80% of the Panthers offense and will need to find someone else to share the load or he won't make it through 16 games this season let along playoffs.  Aaron Rodgers looked great last weekend but needs to keep it up for the Panthers to win as Eddie Lacy has been underwhelming at best this season.  Panthers win 24-21
  • 49ers at Broncos - (NBC)  Kaepernick is probably the most divisive QB in the NFL as he can look transcendent at times and like Eli Manning at others.  He and Peyton might be the most opposite good QBs in the league and it should be a fantastic game to watch.  Both teams are extremely competitive and have fiery leadership.  Broncos win 38-28
All Weekend

Eagles on a bye week... chilling.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

College Football Weekly Digest 14.7

Is Dak Prescott running away with the Heisman?
The only thing this weekend was missing was another Rutgers' W.  Amiright?  Mississippi is my #1 team by any measure right now and I don't even think it's close.  Once Florida State loses some random and horribly frustrating game and somebody finally makes Winston own up to all the awful/dumb things he's done I really don't see FSU in the CFB Playoff this year.  Both Mississippi teams fooled me and kept rolling this week with good looking wins over Auburn and Texas A&M.  Baylor also showed that they belong at the top with a great comeback win over TCU who showed that they are a contender even in the loss.

Notre Dame's defense looked shaky against a beleaguered UNC team and Alabama played Arkansas too close for comfort.  Both could be considered look-a-head games but if you want to be in the CFB Playoff you cannot afford to look-a-head.  Oregon got back to looking like Oregon against one of the most hot and cold teams of the season as they dismantled UCLA.  I think we are at a point now where there are 12 teams that have really separated themselves from the pack and I'd be surprised if one of the four playoff teams came from outside that group.

Who could still win the Heisman?  SKOHRboard's Hesiman Hopefuls:
  1. Dak Prescott, QB - Miss State
  2. Marcus Mariota, QB - Oregon
  3. Everett Golson, QB - Notre Dame
  4. Shane Carden, QB - East Carolina
  5. Melvin Gordon, RB - Wisconsin
  6. Amari Cooper, WR - Alabama
  7. Ameer Abdullah, RB - Nebraska

SKOHRboard's College Football Top 25:
  1. Mississippi State +1
  2. Baylor +5
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Florida State +2
  5. TCU +3
  6. Notre Dame -1
  7. Alabama -3
  8. Oregon +2
  9. Ohio State +8
  10. Auburn -9
  11. Georgia +4
  12. Michigan State 
  13. Kansas State
  14. East Carolina +4
  15. Oklahoma -1
  16. Oklahoma State +6
  17. Texas A&M -6
  18. Arizona -9
  19. Utah
  20. Arizona State +5
  21. USC (NR)
  22. Stanford -6
  23. Clemson -3
  24. Nebraska (NR)
  25. West Virginia -4

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