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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SKOHRboard's 2015 NFL Mock Draft

The NFL draft is almost a week away and that means that it's time to see my predictive powers at work as correctly I lay out every single pick in the first round again for what will be the 5th consecutive year.  Enjoy knowing now what those around you will have to wait until Thursday April 30th to find out.


Thanks to for the fancy layout and templating.  That is something that in year's past has left our Operations team in tears.  
  • I also wanted to mention that it seems strange to me how little is made of Leonard Williams and Dante Fowler Jr.  For being the 2nd and 3rd overall talents on most pundits draft boards there has been just about no general interest stories about those guys.  What gives? 
  • The biggest surprise here was probably Mariota to the Giants.  I was surprised when I looked at their team and who was out there and came up with Mariota.  The Giants seem like a team that will bet on themselves improving, which means a worse draft selection and a smaller chance to select one of the top two QBs in a draft.  Given Eli's marginal performance over the past few seasons, the end of his contract and what looks like it could be the end of Coughlin's reign should things go sideways, drafting Mariota would be a fairly clever way to point to the future and keep the band together for another few seasons.  
  • You're probably wondering why the Jets wouldn't take Mariota.  I simply think that they aren't ready for a shiny new QB.  If I were a first time head coach in my first year with a one time promising but now floundering third year QB I think I'd use my first draft to surround him with talent and give him another shot.  If it doesn't work, you've now got a fairly talented roster and another high draft pick which you can use on a QB.
  • While the Eagles don't really NEED a defensive end, I don't see Chip Kelly passing on Armstead who fits just about every physical trait we think Chip values in players and he's obviously well aware of the potential upside he brings to the table.  
  • Gordon to the Cardinals would be a lot of fun to see him combine with Ellington to give a rehabbed Palmer lots of options out of the backfield.
  • Todd Gurley to the Ravens seems like the most Ravens pick ever.  Somehow extremely talented players always seem to fall to the Ravens.
  • Cameron Erving just seems to fit the bill with the Colts.  He's a versatile lineman who can be a leader on that OL and learn a ton from Herremans and Luck after having spent the last few years with Winston at FSU.  I'd really like to watch those two play together and lead the Colts into the next few years.
  • Devin Smith is going to be a major asset to Tom Brady.  He's a guy that is going to make Defensive Coordinators go nuts as his deep threat ability will put safeties trying to double Gronk in a no win situation as they'll have to balance that with covering him over the top.
So what do you think?  

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