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Sunday, January 18, 2015

What to Watch this Weekend - Championship Weekend

I like you too Dog.
This settles it, the NFL is a Quarterback league.  Name the top four Quarterback's in the NFL and they will be made up of some combo of the four QBs playing today.  That is a little bit nuts that all of their teams have made it to this point but it shows that the rules created to keep them upright and healthy have worked.  Hooray rules!   Anyway, who's playing?

  • Packers at Seahawks - (Fox) Can the Packers bring their offense into Seattle and get through the Seahawks defense?  That defense is still dominant and playing at a level perhaps even better than they were during last year's run.  The biggest question here is whether or not Rodgers calf is healed enough to let him play like he did in the second half of last week's game where he looked like the best player in the NFL.  This game is very exciting as we get to watch those two match up against one another.  On the other side of the ball it's Russell Wilson and a decent if uninspiring offense against a defense that looks like it's lost it's edge with Clay Matthews moved to inside linebacker.  Meh.  I'll be looking at chips during those series.  Mmmm chips.  I really think the Seahawks will win this game but my official prediction just switched!  Packers upset the Seahawks!  Pack 30 - Hawks 24
  • Colts at Patriots - (CBS)  Andrew Luck cannot escape the new guard label and this game quick wins the storyline war.  Tom Brady is still on top of his game and the Patriots will continue to show that they can take away all the talent around him and still win games as Bill Belichick was seen snickering "watch what I'm going to put him through now."  Seriously though this game is all about the Quarterbacks and I expect it to be high scoring.  Fortunately for the Patriots they have a triumvirate of Rutgers defenders who will intercept all of Andrew Luck's passes as Rutgers defenders are wont to do.  Patriots win 41-33


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