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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Games to Watch this Weekend 14.17

It's Week 17 for the NFL and that means that for a few teams the playoffs start today.  There are some playoff spots still open and those will be the most interesting matchups to watch today.  Here is a look at the playoff picture for both conferences before games start today.  



Now that we have that out there let's see who should win those games.

  • Philadelphia at New York Giants - (FOX) Eagles rule and Giants drool.  It's pretty much that simple now that both teams are out of the playoffs.  The Eagles are clearly the better team with a bright future and the Giants might not have many current players on the team next year except for Odell Beckham Jr.  The Eagles might have exactly the same roster aside from the QBs and Secondary.  Not sure who wins here except for stupid Dallas fans.  Ugh.  Giants win 24-20 because Chip knows a loss here is more valuable to the organization and he is a maximizer of the highest order.
  • San Diego at Kansas City - (CBS) Kansas City has been somewhat disappointing with the way they've closed out the season.  KC still has a chance to make the playoffs but they'll need to win and get a few more breaks to go their way.  On the other hand the Chargers have been solid lately with Rivers having a very good season that nobody seems to have noticed.  If San Diego wins they are in the playoffs.  I think if Charles plays today then Kansas City rallies at home and pulls it off.  KC wins 27 -24
  • Cleveland at Baltimore - (CBS) The Browns have just chalked it up after calling up Connor Shaw to replace Hoyer and Manziel at QB then ruling Josh Gordon out for the game.  Meanwhile the Ravens have a chance to make the playoffs but they have to win for any hope.  The Ravens looked great a few weeks ago but not exactly world beaters.  They should beat a downtrodden Browns teams with really nothing to play for.  Ravens win 26-16
  • Jacksonville at Houston - (FOX) The Jags are fighting for a Top 5 draft pick and the Texans are battling for a playoff spot.  The Texans have been a giant question mark at QB this season but nothing is changing at the position for them this week.  Can JJ Watt throw?  If Arian Foster plays healthy they win.  Texans 28-Jags 20

  • Oakland at Denver - (CBS) It's easy to write off the Raiders in this game but they have been playing much better lately and it very possible that the Broncos don't play their starters the full game.  As you can see above if the Broncos win they are guaranteed a bye which just might be worth playing a full game for.  The Broncos have been playing great and it might just be a fun game to watch as the Raiders do seem to enjoy playing for Sparano and they all know it's likely his last game as their coach.  Broncos win 31-24
  • St. Louis at Seattle - (FOX) The Seahawks are back baby!  They are a really fun team to watch when they play like that.  As much as the Rams are a team to feel good about they are simply overmatched here.  Like other teams on the cusp here they just don't have a QB to count on which is a shame considering the promise that Bradford has displayed at times.  They won some games people didn't think they could this year with a plucky offense and an aggressive D but they aren't going to surprise anyone in Seattle.  The Seahawks win 32-24
  • Detroit at Green Bay - (FOX)  This is maybe the game of the week.  The Lions record is a little surprising given how little coverage they get for being an 11 win team.  Rodgers and Lacy have the Green Bay offense clicking right now and even though the Lions are playing tough I don't think they can shut down the Pack in Green Bay like the Bills did in Buffalo.  Green Bay wins 34-27
  • Arizona at SF - (FOX) It's finally Harbaugh's last game as a 49er and I don't get the feeling that many of the players are sad to see him go.  This game should be a total slop fest with the Cards using their 8th string QB and the 49ers just shrugging the whole time.  Oof.  Arizona wins because SF couldn't care less 17-13
  • Carolina at Atlanta - (CBS) These teams are playing for the 4th seed in the NFC and the loser has a shot at a Top 10 draft pick.  What a terrible division.  Cam Newton has proven that he is invincible and Matt Ryan actually is the best QB in this division.  If Julio is healthy he'll dominate this game and hopefully the Falcons use more Freeman as opposed to Jackson.  We all know that Matty Ice is very good in the Atlanta Dome or whatever they call that now.  Falcons take it 27-24

  • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh - (NBC) Both of these teams are in the playoffs and realistically fighting for 3rd and 5th seeds so there isn't a lot to win here other than bragging rights, which in this division is no small thing.  The Bengals are looking much better with AJ Green back and the Steelers might just be wearing down.  The Bengals surprise a typically good cold weather Steelers team 24-20

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