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Friday, November 21, 2014

Games to Watch this Weekend 14.12

Hey it's Friday!  Let's think about all the football we can watch this weekend.

  • #25 Minnesota at #23 Nebraska - (ESPN)  My gut tells me that this is the week Minnesota comes crashing back to reality.  They are a tougher team than I thought but after Nebraska got embarrassed by Melvin Gordon and Wisconsin they are going to come out at home with something to prove and the Gophers are standing in the way.  Nebraska wins 38-20
  • Rutgers at #13 Michigan State - (BTN) Michigan State didn't play that poorly but they must be crushed coming off of that loss to Ohio's State School.  Realistically they are playing for a New Year's Day bowl but are out of the playoffs at this point.  It's not what they had been hoping for and I wouldn't be surprised if they came out flat against Rutgers.  The Scarlet Knights on the other hand have to be feeling better about themselves coming off of a nice win which made them bowl eligible last week and should really be playing loose as they have absolutely nothing but upside in this game.  Michigan State wins 28-24
Harvard fans.  Notice all the Cantab players turned around looking up into the stands to read the encouragement.
  • Yale at Harvard - (NBCSports) Yale travels to Harvard for The Game this year with a sterling 8-1 record, the only blemish came without their star RB.  Harvard on the other hand comes squeeking in on a weak schedule at a lucky 9-0.  The Bulldogs will surely vanquish the Cantabs (Seriously, that's their nickname.  Good one Harvard.) with all their forces marshaled for Saturday's contest.  Lux et Veritas is the real winner here 30-24
  • #15 Arizona at #17 Utah - (ESPN)  Both teams are still in the hunt for the PAC12 South bid and if Arizona is the winner here as a clear path to that game most likely against the Ducks.  Utah has proven a very tough team this year with maybe one of the best DLine's in the game.  Unfortunately Arizona's offense tries to get guys in space specifically to avoid DLine's.  I think if they limit turnovers they can win big here.  Arizona 48-Utah 28
  • #8 Ole Miss at Arkansas - (CBS)  Is it just me or does it seem like Ole Miss has been on a bye since they had the most heartbreaking loss of the season three weeks ago?  This is their chance to show that despite the loss and the loss of Treadwell, they are still a team to be feared.  Arkansas's record is not good but they aren't a terrible team.  Ole Miss still has more talent at every position and should win this game.  Rebels win 31-17
  • #24 Louisville at Notre Dame - (NBC)  Raise your hand if after the Domers beat Stanford 17-14 and sat at 5-0 you thought that it was realistic that they might be in a position to lose the last 6 games of the season.  That's where we are at right now.  They lost to Florida State, nearly lost to Navy, lost to Arizona State, and they lost to Northeastern.  Now they face a Louisville team that looks very tough and close out their season against a talented USC team that hasn't gotten a whif of credibility after their flummoxing loss to BC.  After that Stanford game I really thought the Domers were a Top 10 if not Top 5 team but I was way off.  At this point it looks like they lose the final two for a 7-5 record.  Louisville wins 41-33
  • #19 USC at #9 UCLA - (ABC)  UCLA continues to evade dropping in the rankings.  Let's all keep in mind that they haven't beaten anyone yet this year.  Beating the state of Arizona is nice but I really don't think Arizona State had figured out how to play with their backup QB when UCLA came to town and they just couldn't stop the momentum after a certain point.  Arizona is a nice win but that's really it and I don't think a win over Arizona as your key win makes a team Top Ten worthy especially after all of the other close games.  I think USC comes to play and beats up a UCLA team that just hasn't really clicked this season outside of that ASU game.  USC wins 23-17
  • Browns at Falcons - (CBS) This game is significant because it marks the return of Josh Gordon, who was one of the most exciting players to watch last year but has been held out for the past 10 weeks after testing positive for Marijuana.  Hopefully he's been more focused on route running and catching than rolling doobies over the past three months but his return is worth tuning in for.  Browns win 23-20
  • Titans at Eagles - (CBS) The Eagles were straight up dominated last week and I hope to see them return with a vengence against a Tennessee team who really should be able to hang.  I'll be looking for Sanchez to get back on track and the Eagle Secondary to remember they need to actively stop the other team from scoring touchdowns if not first downs when the Center snaps the ball.  It's all in the details.  Eagles win 41-26
  • Lions at Patriots - (FOX)  The Lions visit a chilly New England after playing in the Desert of Arizona last weekend in a tough loss.  The Patriots are playing some of the best football in the League right now and while I think this game has a chance to be a bit of a trap for the Pats, I just can't bring myself to predict it.  The Lions have a good record but I never really get the impression that they are a very serious Super Bowl contender and the Pats definitely are.  Pats win 32-24
  • Cardinals at Seahawks - (FOX)  This has to be the GAME OF THE WEEK.  The Cardinals are up there with the Pats and Packers as the hottest teams in the NFL right now and the Seahawks are reeling.  Look for the Seahawks to get back to who they were last year in a return to their home base and a QB they feel they can exploit.  This is a must win game for the defending Super Bowl champs.  Seahawks win 24-20
  • Dolphins at Broncos - (CBS)  The Phins might be the biggest surprise team of the year if you aren't including the Cardinals as candidates for the award.  They look spunky and give teams fits with their fast and aggressive defense.  I think Peyton Manning returns to form this week at home with more time devoted to the backups replacing his injured offensive playmakers.  Broncos win 28-17
  • Cowboys at Giants - (NBC) Tony Romo appears to be ok after a back scare a few weeks ago.  They travel to NY after a bye week and a trip to London the past two weeks.  I wonder if his back will tighten up after that schedule and playing outside in the cold NJ weather this weekend?  I doubt it will tighten up enough that they'll lose though.  The Giants just aren't playing good football right now and I think Dallas will beat them on both sides of the ball.  Cowboys win 32-23
Enjoy the games!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

College Football Weekly Digest 14.12

Amari Cooper is the best player on the best team in College Football
This weekend was hugely important for defining the top echelon of players in our Heisman race.  It also caused a shakeup in our Top 4 as the #1 team lost fairly decisively despite a closer final score.  With Mississippi State losing, TCU and Florida state squeaking out wins against unranked opponents there is a resulting shift in our Top 25.  We'll get to that in a bit but the big news of the weekend is really a tragedy for College Football fans and will likely have a very large impact on the NFL draft.  It's the story of Todd Gurley's ACL tear coming on the same weekend as Melvin Gordon abliterrating the Nebraska defense on his way to setting an all time NCAA rushing record of 408 yards.  408!  It should be noted that we hate to see Todd Gurley get hurt and in the worst way possible, he was so much fun to watch run and I really hope he is able to make a full recovery.

Vine's of the weekend.

SKOHRboard's Heisman Race
  1. Marcus Mariota, QB - Oregon
  2. Melvin Gordon, RB - Wisconsin
  3. Dak Presscot, QB - Mississippi State
  4. Amari Cooper, WR - Alabama
  5. JT Barrett, QB - Ohio State

SKOHRboard's Top 25
  1. Alabama +5
  2. Oregon -1
  3. Florida State  +1
  4. Ohio State +1
  5. Mississippi State -3
  6. Baylor +4
  7. TCU -4
  8. Georgia +7
  9. Ole Miss
  10. Wisconsin +7
  11. Michigan State +1
  12. Auburn -5
  13. Minnesota (NR)
  14. Arizona State -6
  15. Kansas State -1
  16. LSU -5
  17. Nebraska -4
  18. Arizona 
  19. Utah
  20. Miami +3
  21. Georgia Tech (NR)
  22. Missouri (NR)
  23. UCLA -3
  24. Notre Dame -8
  25. Oklahoma (NR)
Dropouts: USC, Clemson, Texas A&M, Florida
Consideration: Texas A&M, USC, Duke, Colorado State

Picks from last week
  • P: Ohio State 52 - Minnesota 16 A: Ohio State 31 - Minny 24
  • P: Alabama 23 - Mississippi State 17 A: Alabama 25 - MSU 20
  • P: Wisconsin 31 - Nebraska 27 A: Wisco 59 - Nebraska 24
  • P: Rutgers 28 - Indiana 16 A: Rutgers 45 - Indy 23
  • P: Auburn 38 - Georgia 24 A: Georgia 34 - Auburn 7
  • P: Miami 24 - Florida State 20 A: Florida State 30 - Miami 26
  • P: Seattle 31 - KC 16 A: KC 24 - Seattle 20
  • P: Chicago 20 - Minnesota 16 A: Chicago 21 - Minny 13
  • P: NYG 20 - SF 13 A: SF 16 - NYG 10
  • P: Philadelphia 31 - Green Bay 28 A: Green Bay 53 - Philly 20
  • P: Detroit 24 - Arizona 13 A: Arizona 14 - Detroit 6
  • P: Indy 32 - New England 30 A: New England 42 - Indy 20
This Week: 5-7
On the Season: 28-22

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