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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

College Football Weekly Digest 14.14

Five Conferences, Four Playoff Teams
It's Conference Championship Week!  With the Big12 totally copping out and not playing a conference championship game because not enough teams want to be in their conference, they will most likely have co-champions which means there will be six conference champs vying for the final four playoff spots.

Now that the regular season has ended let's see who's doing what in our polls and how my picks looked for last week.

Heisman candidates
  1. Mariota
  2. Cooper
  3. Gordon
  4. That's it.
Here are two slightly snarky but good videos of what makes the College Football Playoffs.

Top 25
  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. TCU +4
  4. Florida State +4
  5. Ohio State -1
  6. Baylor -3
  7. Michigan State +2
  8. Kansas State +2
  9. Arizona +3
  10. Wisconsin +3
  11. Mississippi +11
  12. Georgia Tech +9
  13. Mississippi State -7
  14. Missouri +2
  15. Georgia -10
  16. Auburn -2
  17. USC -7
  18. Louisville 
  19. Arizona State -8
  20. Minnesota -2
  21. UCLA -5
  22. Oklahoma-2
  23. LSU +1
  24. Clemson (NR)
  25. Stanford 
Dropouts: Arkansas
In consideration: Nebraska, Utah, Texas A&M, Florida

Picks from last week
  • P: Missouri 24 - Arkansas 17 A: Missouri 21 - Arkansas 14
  • P: UCLA 28 - Stanford 13 A: Stanford 31 - UCLA 10
  • P: ASU 40 - Arizona 33 A: Arizona 42 - ASU 35
  • P: Georgia 30 - GTech 22 A: GTech 30 - Georgia 24
  • P: Rutgers 100 - Maryland 0 A: Rutgers 41 - Murlind 38
  • P: Miss State 31 - Ole Miss 18 A: Ole Miss 31 - Miss State 17
  • P: Florida 20 - FSU 19 A: FSU 24 - Florida 19
  • P: Wisconsin 35 - Minnesota 28 A: Wisconsin 34 - Minny 24
  • P: Alabama 42 - Auburn 20 A: Alabama 55 - Auburn 44
  • P: Cleveland 28 - Buffalo 17 A: Buffalo 26 - Cleveland 10
  • P: Baltimore 24 - San Diego 10 A: San Diego 34 - Baltimore 33
  • P: Green Bay 35 - New England 32 A: Green Bay 26 - NE 21
  • P: Denver 31 - KC 24 A: Denver 29 - KC 16
This week 6-7
So far this season 43-34

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