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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

College Football Weekly Digest 14.10

Treadwell is a stud.  The play he was injured on was the worst.
Let's all agree that Ole Miss and Auburn are very similarly capable football teams.  While watching that game, just as soon as I was ready to count one team out, they mounted a fierce drive and turned the tables.  There were exceptional plays being made on both sides of the ball.  It was an extremely entertaining example of what College Football can be.  Until, the horribly unfortunately injury to Ole Miss star WR Laquon Treadwell.  

I've written about him here before but he is a standout Sophomore WR who was the #1 ranked WR prospect in the country at the time of his somewhat surprising commitment to Ole Miss over just about every other school in the country.  He was certainly living up to the hype of a Top Prospect this season and Saturday was no different.  After catching a pass inside the 10, evading an Auburn defender and dragging another into the endzone, that hanger-on rolled up on the back of Treadwell's leg as he yanked him backwards before both fell into the endzone.  In doing so, he dislocated the WR's ankle which also caused him to fumble right at the goal-line.  In a split second a play that at full speed appeared to put the Rebels ahead with about 90 seconds to play turned catastrophic for them as not only did the injury take perhaps their best player out of play for probably the rest of the season but it erased a touchdown because he unfortunately dropped the ball just before he crossed the goal-line when his ankle was injured.  A fumble that the Tigers recovered.  

This was hard to watch.  I had no rooting interest in the outcome here but it was a spectacular individual effort by Treadwell and to see that happen to him and the team was just crushing.  To make matters worse, ESPN aired video of the injury no less than a dozen times from every conceivable camera angle as the poor man's foot wobbled in the wind as he spun into the endzone.  

The reason I'm writing all of this is that if you look at the polls this week you'll see Ole Miss down at 12 or 13 after basically playing the #3 team evenly if not outplaying them over four quarters.  The only case in which I understand people saying that they are now somewhere in the low teens is if you are taking into account the loss of Treadwell moving forward.  It's just silly, that loss despite the fact that it was a loss showed that Ole Miss is every bit as good of a team as Auburn and as far as I'm concerned should get ranked as such.

Now if I were to be choosing the Top 4 and this scenerio presented itself where one of Auburn or Ole Miss would make it in and the other would miss out, I'd put Auburn in due to the win and the loss of Treadwell for the Rebels but there are probably not 10 other teams that fall between these two in terms of ability to win any given game.  That's my piece on Top 25 rankings.  The record isn't nearly as important to me as the quality of play.

Heisman Update!
  1. Marcus Mariota
  2. Ameer Abdullah
  3. Laquon Treadwell, WR - Ole Miss
  4. Dak Prescott
  5. Everett Golson
  6. Melvin Gordon
  7. Amari Cooper
  8. Nick Marshall, QB - Auburn
SKOHRboard's Top 25
  1. Auburn +2
  2. Miss St -1
  3. Florida State -1
  4. Oregon +1
  5. Ole Miss +1
  6. Alabama +1
  7. Michigan State +3
  8. Ohio State +3
  9. Kansas State +3
  10. TCU -2
  11. Notre Dame -7
  12. Arizona State +8
  13. Nebraska +4
  14. West Virginia +2
  15. LSU -1
  16. Georgia -7
  17. Louisville +7
  18. Oklahoma +1
  19. Wisconsin +1
  20. Utah +2
  21. Clemson +4
  22. Arizona -6
  23. Baylor -10
  24. USC -1
  25. Marshall (NR)
Dropouts: East Carolina
In consideration: Florida, Iowa, Duke, Missouri, Colorado State, East Carolina

Picks from last week (P = Predicted, A = Actual Final Score):
  • P: FSU 42 - L'Ville 28 A: FSU 42 - L'Ville 31
  • P: Saints 32 - Panthers 23 A: Saints 28 - Panthers 10
  • P: Rutgers 27 - Wisco 23 A: Wisco 37 - Rutgers 0
  • P: TCU 52 - WVU 40 A: TCU 31 - WVU 30
  • P: Georgia 20 - Florida 13 A: Florida 38 - Georgia 20
  • P: Auburn 23 - Ole Miss 19 A: Auburn 35 - Ole Miss 31
  • P: Oregon 35 - Stanford 16 A: Oregon 45 - Stanford 16
  • P: UCLA 44 - Arizona 38 A: UCLA 17 - Arizona 7
  • P: Arizona 34 - Dallas 28 A: Arizona 28 - Dallas 17
  • P: Philadelphia 38 - Houston 20 A: Philadelphia 31 - Houston 21
  • P: Denver 30 - New England 27 A: New England 43 - Denver 21
  • P: Baltimore 27 - Pittsburgh 20 A: Pittsburgh 43 - Baltimore 23
  • P: Indy 30 - NYG 17 A: Indy 40 - NYG 24
Record for the week 9-4
Total record wince Week 8: 18-8

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