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Thursday, September 11, 2014

SKOHRboard's Weekly Football Digest 14.2

Welcome to week 2 of the inaugural SKOHRboard Weekly Football Digest.

General Football Notes:
  • Ray Rice was cut by the Ravens and "indefinitely suspended" by the league after the full video surfaced.  NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell is under heavy scrutiny over whether he saw the full video back in April and still only suspended Rice for 2 games at that point but then when the full video became public changed his mind and indefinitely suspended him.  The question is why the public outrage and increased suspension all of a sudden?  What did people think happened in that elevator if not exactly what they saw on the video?  This should have happened in April.
  • The other perhaps even worse yet under reported issue here is that Rice isn't the only NFL player guilty of domestic violence recently.  A player on the Carolina Panthers, Greg Hardy, was actually found guilty of domestic violence by a judge in court last week before playing in the game!  There might not be any video here but I can't understand what the difference is aside from the presence of video.  Domestic violence is what is reprehensible in both of these cases, not being caught on video committing domestic violence.  By the way, Greg Hardy is still on track to play in this weekend's game somehow.  If the NFL is going to get serious about this maybe they should suspend guys who have been found guilty in court and not just on TMZ for it?
  • Bad weekend for the Big Ten college football conference - Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech, Michigan got blown out by Notre Dame, Michigan State lost to Oregon, and Nebraska barely squeaked out a last second win on a fairly lucky/remarkable play against Division 2 school McNeese State.  This could have ramifications when it comes to the College Football Playoff selecting the Top 4 teams in the country and there is a real chance that the Big Ten doesn't get a single team in the playoff unless someone really separates themselves with improved play over the next 10 or so games

SKOHRboard's Heisman candidates after Week 2
  1. Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
  2. Jamies Winston, QB, Florida State
  3. Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
  4. Everett Golson, QB, Notre Dame
  5. Taysom Hill, QB, BYU
  6. Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska (see above gif)
SKOHRboard's Week 2 College Football Playoff Teams
  1. Oregon
  2. Georgia
  3. Texas A&M
  4. Alabama
Notable College Football Week 2 Happenings:
  • Rutgers beat up on D2 Howard in the first half but took it easy and let up a few scores in the 2nd although the game was well out of reach by then.
  • The Big Ten's bad weekend...
  • Penn State's bowl ban for the lack of institutional control with regard to the prolonged child abuse happening on campus and in team facilities was lifted
  • Stanford lost a battle to USC 10-13.  This game was extremely close and would be a toss up if played again this weekend.
  • BYU absolutely dominated Texas... again.  In 2013 it was shocking when BYU beat then #15 Texas 40-21.  It was supposed to be different this year but for Texas, it was much worse.  They lost 41-7.
College Games to Watch this Weekend
  • West Virginia plays at Maryland. Both teams show promise but this game should help them prove if either is for real.
  • #6 Georgia plays at #24 South Carolina both teams are coming from the opposite end of big time Week 1 matchups.  If Georgia wins with ease it really puts South Carolina's ability in question.  If South Carolina wins, the SEC goes back to it's usual mess of pretty good teams that could all beat one another on any given Saturday
  • Minnesota at TCU. Similar to the WVU and Maryland game both teams have promise and winning this crossover game could help them stand out
  • Kentucky at Florida.  If Kentucky somehow wins this game, Florida's head coach Will Muschamp might not have that title for very long.
  • Penn State plays at Rutgers!  Both teams are burning to make a name for themselves, Penn State to show that the sanctions are over and Franklin has this team headed to the top and Rutgers wants to show that they have arrived and are a national program to be reckoned with.  Not to mention the enormous recruiting battle being waged annually for New Jersey's elite crop of football players, this is a huge game for both programs no matter what Penn State's aloof attitude would lead you to believe.  Rivalry game name brainstorm (The Delaware Crossing, War for the Shore, 

Notable NFL Week 1 Happenings:
  • Seahawks left no doubt that there will be no drop-off from their Championship season last year as they soundly beat the Packers
  • The Bills beat the Bears!
  • The Dolphins beat the Patriots!
  • Matt Stafford and the Lions soundly outplayed Eli Manning and the Giants
  • Peyton has still got it, they jumped out to a huge lead over the Colts who lead a brave but fruitless comeback.
  • The Falcons beat the Saints in overtime.  Is this the year Atlanta QB Matt Ryan realizes all the promise of two years ago?
  • The Rams looked horrendous and have now lost their leaders on both sides of the ball to injury QB Sam Bradford for the season and DE Chris Long for at least the first half of the season.  Could they have another top pick in the draft this season?
NFL Games to Watch this Weekend:
-Thursday Night
  • Baltimore at Pittsburgh - AFC North battle between two teams looking to show they are still/once again contenders
  • Miami at Buffalo - AFC East Matchup, both teams with surprising Week 1 wins
  • New England at Minnesota - Could the Patriots really start the season with two losses?  The Vikings had the biggest margin of victory of any team in Week 1
  • Chicago at San Francisco - Chicago lost to Buffalo in week 1 and looks to rebound against one of the NFC's top teams from last year.
-Monday Night
  • Philadelphia at Indianapolis - Both teams had tremendous 2nd halves after forgettable season opening halves but the Eagles managed to pull it out at the end while the the Colts came up short and are still looking for their first win.
Enjoy the games!  Find where to watch them at

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