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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SKOHRboard's 2012 NFL Mock Draft Picks 1-4

In just over two weeks from today the 2012 NFL Draft will get started but first and some of my compatriots will give you our take on how the Draft might play out this season if we were the GMs in charge.  We'll unveil about four picks each day in order to cover the first two rounds just in time for the NFL's own first round which kicks off Thursday night April 26th.

Meet the GMs:
Drafting for the Eagles, Rams, Packers, Raiders, Dolphins, Bengals
SKOHR - an Eagles fan based in NYC who is both pragmatic and filled with lofty ideas.

Drafting for the Vikings, Cowboys, Texans, Chiefs, Ravens
Justin!!! - winner of Cutest Smile of his high school class, a diehard Vikings fan after a messy divorce with the Bears.  He now conveniently lives in Minnesota and enjoys high-fiving his dog in his spare time.

Drafting for the Seahawks, Panthers, Bears, Colts, Browns, Jets
Jim Mut - an overly confident fan of weird teams like the Seahawks, Blue Jays, and Nuggets, a self-titled big time hater, who likes to think of himself as "continuously peaking."

Drafting for the Steelers, Falcons, Cardinals, Redskins, Jaguars, Patriots
Jeremy - a beach lover held captive in Texas who compensates with generous helpings of avocado.  He supports the Steelers but would not let Roethlisberger near any of his female family members.

Drafting for the Saints, Lions, Chargers, Buccaneers, Titans
Steve-O - a lifelong Eagles fan living in NOLA, locally famous for his penchant for high risk high reward moves, a proud member of the cool brother club.

Drafting for the Giants, Broncos, Bills, 49ers
Joe-l Candel - a Giants fan, likes to think of himself as a legend among men.  He feels his powers of amazing are due to his Dominican descent.  All in all he just loves himself.

Now that the GMs and their unique personalities are out there why don't we get on with the picking!?  

Round 1 Pick 1: Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck, QB, StanfordThe Colts made this decision a long time ago when they signed Kerry Collins in the preseason and never had a viable backup for Peyton Manning. The Colts are Luck-y enough to go from Manning to the best prospect since well, Manning. Luck can do it all and the Colts are banking on him to lead them back to contention. I'd personally take Luck over RG3 due to RG3's injury concerns as the man tore his ACL already once and I could see his scrambling leading to future injury. - Jim Mut

Round 1 Pick 2: Washington Redskins select Robert Griffin III 
No use wasting the clock on this selection. The second that Luck became a Colt, RGIII became a Redskin. Washington has long been looking for a franchise quarterback to compete in a division that has (supposedly) some of the best signal callers the conference has to offer. The Heisman winner brings leadership and athleticism to a position that has derailed this team since the invention of the iPod. - Jeremy

Round 1 Pick 3: Minnesota Vikings select Matt Kalil, OT, USC 
The Vikings are in rebuilding mode, and with needs at virtually every position, there's a lot that we can do with this pick. There are pressing needs at WR, CB, S, and all along the offensive line. Widely regarded as the top offensive prospect at left tackle, the Vikings will snatch up Kalil to address the gaping holes along the offensive line. This move allows last year's left tackle, Charlie Johnson, to slide down to his natural guard position, filling two holes in the offensive line. The hope of this pick is that Ponder will have more than 2 seconds to drop back and read the field this year.  - Justin!!!

Round 1 Pick 4: Cleveland Browns select Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU                                          So this may be the first surprise of the draft, but as an NFL GM, I have a tough time picking an RB in the top 5, even with Trent Richardson looking like a very good talent. Knowing Mike Holmgren, they will definitely not take Blackmon here, as he has seen 1st round WR's like Koren Robinson burn him in the past and will take sure thing at cornerback or Richardson over him. I could see them trading down a few picks to select a WR and get more picks, but if they stay at 4, they go with Claiborne. Why not pick the best CB, pair him up with another sure thing in Haden, and have the best cornerback duo in the league going forward? They will shut down opposing offenses, and in a passing league having two great corners will give Cleveland an advantage and something they can build a team around. It will allow them to blitz more and get more creative defensively. Right now, former Eagles Sheldon Brown and Dmitri Patterson are the 2nd and 3rd corners, so clearly they have to upgrade the position. Richardson would be the pick otherwise as Holmgren likes a workhorse RB, but they like Hardesty and will look to pick a RB with their picks later in the 1st round or early 2nd round pick. Most analysts are saying offense here, but defense wins championships. - Jim Mut

Tomorrow we'll have:
5 - Buccaneers - Steve-O 
6 - Rams - SKOHR 
7 - Jaguars - Jeremy
8 - Dolphins - SKOHR

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