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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rutgers Hard Knocks Documentary Coming in May

Coming in May, Rutgers Football will be featured in a Hard Knocks style documentary giving everyone an inside look at the first spring practices run by new Head Coach Kyle Flood.  The dates are still TBA but the program will be available on SNY, Comcast, MASN, and Sun Sports.  This is going to be great for people who've had an interest in Rutgers Football over the years to get a first hand look at what is going on with the program.  Due to the locations this is set to air in, it's also safe to say that Flood and most likely AD Tim Pernetti realize that there are potential recruits living in Florida, the Carolinas, Virginia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and throughout the NJ/New York City/Philadelphia region who are now going to be able to see the program on TV and ponder just how cool it would be to suit up in Scarlet themselves one day.  Great move.  

Can't wait to see the full thing but here is a first look at the opening sequence from

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Justin!!! said...

Wow, sign me up!

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