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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Kickoff and Extra Point Rules

Nobody watches extra points
When speaking about his disapproval of the new kickoff rules, Bill Belichick recently mentioned that he thought the NFL should do away with Extra Point Attempts. SKOHRboard couldn't agree more.  The extra point is converted 99.9% of the time, so why bother?  It almost seems like a cruel joke if a team loses because they missed an extra point.  If that is the deciding factor in a game, it was clearly a hard fought game and the missed extra point is hardly worthy of being the deciding play in any close game.  

As a fan I typically use the time in between a Touchdown and Kickoff (commercial break, extra point, commercial break) as a nice little personal timeout/trip to the men's room.  That is also a problem for the NFL.  While my own turning away from the TV isn't a concern to them, but I fear that I'm not the only one who does that given the foregone conclusion of the extra point and the five minutes of commercials.  Why not make this time more exciting for fans and keep those eyeball glued to the TV?

Yeah the new kickoff rules are boring but the extra point attempt and accompanying commercials have been a FAR more boring part of watching an NFL game for years.  The NFL should consider changing the extra point from a kick to a normal play.  They should count the TD as 6 points, then let the offensive team lineup on the 3-4 yard line and make a play for that extra point.  This now becomes an infinitely more exciting part of the game due to the unpredictable nature of actually converting.  

The argument for doing this is the same argument for not doing it.  Say in a given game each team scores three Touchdowns and one team converts on two extra point attempts and the other only converts on one.  Well was that one play worthy of being the deciding factor of such a tight game?  Even if it isn't, I can guarantee that it was more representative of the entire game than a missed kick would have been.  Now I also understand that this would in a way fundamentally change the game, but do you watch football because you like the history behind it and enjoy the obscurity of it's kicking rules or do you watch because you love being entertained by your team lining up and playing football?  My guess is that you answered the later.

So why not, NFL, do your fans a favor and keep us engaged.  It would even help your ability to secure advertising or at least demand top dollar for those placements around the extra point as they went from hardly watched to must see TV.  This might also be the first time SKOHRboard congratulates Bill Belichick.

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