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Saturday, February 19, 2011

NBA All-Star Weekend: Tonight, the Dunk Contest and Blake Griffin

It's the weekend we've all been waiting for, NBA All-Star weekend.  Admittedly you've probably been more excited about this weekend because it's also President's Day and you are off for one extra day.  However, the NBA gives even non hoops fans something to watch with all your extra time over the next three days.  Today features the Developmental League All Star game at 5 and then the regularly scheduled fun begins at 8 tonight.  

Tonight's festivities include the 3 point contest, the skills challenge, and the dunk contest.  This most anticipated aspect of tonight is clearly the dunk contest featuring Black Griffin.  For obvious reasons people are geeking out about what else he could possibly do when given no opponents and free time.  Considering that he is capable of things like this (see video below) when the best basketball players in the world are actively trying to stop him, tonight could be something special.

If everything goes according to hype it could be as memorable as when Vince Carter did this to the dunk contest.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Mets Don't Want Trump

Trump must have "fired" his ability to throw a baseball
Donald Trump has done what he always does and created publicity for himself.  Apparently he has floated the idea that he would be interested in becoming a part owner in the Mets.  While the Mets might need an influx of cash due to their involvement in Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme, they don't want Trump to be anywhere near their team.  The man isn't good at anything but promoting himself.  He has repeatedly declared bankruptcy and was kicked off the board of his own company where he is currently only employed as a spokesperson.  His daughter has more involvement in actually running the Trump business than he does.  Donald has the same talent as Paris Hilton and nothing more.  If he wants to own a baseball team he should sponsor community Little League teams.

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Albert Pujols is Headed for Free Agency in 2012

The Cardinals confirmed at the 12 Noon deadline today that there was no deal reached for a long term contract with their star first baseman Albert Pujols.  While he is under contract and expected to play out this season attempting to avoid contract distractions, Pujols will become a free agent in December.  There is no doubt that his agent and the Cardinals organization will be working behind closed doors to get a deal done before he actually becomes a free agent but it's nice to know that neither of them will be discussing it.  Sports media hasn't figured that out yet but fans hate when things like this drag on like the last five years of Brett Favre's career, LeBron's decision, or the whole Carmelo Anthony trade speculation.  

What fans do like is wild and rampant speculation.  So I've put together 5 unique speculative scenarios because SKOHRboard is all about the fans.
  1. Pujols signs with the Yankees for 15 years $450 million.  Not to be outdone by the "small" market Cardinals, the Yanks come up with a real whopper.  The only catch in the contract for Pujols though, is that the Yankees stipulate that he must train at BALCO labs in the offseason.
  2. Big Al signs with the Philles for free.  He says that he just wants to win championships and already has enough money.
  3. Pujols buys the Royals and signs himself.  They are immediately more competitive than they ever have been in the past 20 years.  Greinke is sad that he left.
  4. The Machine signs with the enemy Cubs after they pony up much more than the Cardinals do.  Chicago has great fans who have been sad about their Cubs for the last 1 million years.  While Pujols will make the team better, he will only make their crushing playoff loses hurt more because of all their high expectations.  
  5. Pujols is hired by the Mets after Donald Trump buys part of the team.  Unfortunately Donald Trump is only good at getting lots of publicity for things that he runs straight into the ground.  I guess it wouldn't be that bad for the Mets because it really couldn't get that much worse so perhaps that fleeting glimpse of hope would be worth $300 million?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 5 NBA Rumors

Carmelo Anthony is a Yankee

The latest round of lame NBA rumors focus squarely on Carmelo Anthony and his plans for next season.  Never mind that he actually playing pretty well for the Nuggets right now all anyone cares about is what jersey he'll wear next season.  At the moment it sounds like he is either going to re-sign with the Nugs, get traded to the Lakers, or wait until free agency and sign with the Knicks.  That's all pretty boring though unless you are a Lakers or Knicks fan.  Even if you do like those teams, they are already good teams and adding Carmelo might only make them a little better.

What would be more fun is if we talk about possible rumors.  That's right, rumors of rumors.  For example, based on that picture above, I think it's possible that Carmelo would sign with the Yankees.  So to spice things up a bit in this slow post football pre baseball time I'm going to cover the Rumors of the Top 5 NBA Rumors.

  1. Mikhail Prokhorov announced yesterday that he planned to sign the Klitschko Brothers to the Nets.  Although they are world class boxers, Prokhorov said that they would bring much needed talent to the team.  He did not add that anyone who tried to drive on them would be punched in the face, but it seemed pretty clear.
  2. Sixers trade entire rosters with OKC Thunder and get the Clippers to throw in Blake Griffin too.  In one of the biggest and most fascinating trades to ever happen in NBA history the 76ers management finally comes out looking like they know what's going on.  Despite playing decently well to this point of the season, the simultaneous acquisition of Durant, Westbrook, and Griffin immediately make the Sixers the most exciting team in professional basketball.  The Clippers decision to just flat out give away Griffin was shocking to everyone but the 10 people who follow the Clippers organization.
  3. Michael Jordan is coming back.  Jordan apparently hoops it up regularly with the Bobcats and according to Gerald Henderson, he "still has it."  Does he suit up for his own team or try to revitalize the Cavs just to show up LeBron?
  4. Carmelo signs with the Yankees.  After being left out of the Cliff Lee, Adrian Gonzalez, and Carl Crawford signings, Yankee GM Brian Cashman just couldn't handle it.  When he heard that Carmelo Anthony was thinking of signing somewhere in free agency, Cashman pulled the trigger just to prove to himself that he still had it.  There was no reported position for Anthony in the Yankee roster at the time of reporting.
  5. Mutumbo is coming back!  The Heat will be signing Nation Builder Dikembe Mutombo later this week to a one year contract as they look for help bolstering their roster.  The Heat figure that he should be able to provide quality minutes and veteran leadership despite his incredibly funny voice.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Missing Football Season - Now that football season is over I can finally get back to wishing it was football season

It feels like it was just yesterday that we could all wake up on Sunday morning and turn on our TVs to the glory that is an entire day of football watching.  Sadly, it's February and there is no football to watch so we have to find joy in other sports like basketball, golf, baseball, X games, and even tennis.  There is still some interesting stuff going on in the football world like draft preparations, CBA negotiations, and college recruiting.  I'll do my best to keep you updated on all of the football news and we'll even start to seriously get into the other sports now that the reality of football season's end has finally set in.

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