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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 MLB All Star Week

Unlike difficult sports, Major League Baseball takes its' All Star break in the middle of the season.  They do this for several reasons.  
  1. Because baseball has 2,496 games and if they didn't break it up somehow people would forget the season is even still going on.
  2. If they took it during the offseason literally nobody would watch.  They have a hard enough time getting guys to show up in midseason but good luck getting guys who earn $20 million a year to do anything for free during their vacation.
  3. Playing an extra game carries just about zero risk of injury and it's not a tiring game whatsoever so guys aren't exactly coming back to the teams that pay them as anything less than when they left.  
It's just such a boring event I can't even believe it.  The pitchers are all so good and the players really don't care so it's just a really flat feeling game.  It would be fun if they took let's say the top Pitchers in Triple A ball and made them pitch.  Actually the only guys risking anything in the game are the Pitchers anyway, so this could make sense.  It would allow Triple A Pitchers to show off their stuff to all Owners and GMs in the bigs and it would save the Aces of each staff from pitching any more than they absolutely have to in a season.  It would also mean that the pitching isn't quite top form so we could see some real offensive explosions if the Farm League guys aren't exactly as good as we thought.

Right now the Home Run Derby is the best thing this week has going for it and even that is uninspiring.  Robinson Cano won in a great effort last night as his Father pitched to him.  That must have been really cool for both of them actually.  There are so many ways to make this entire MLB All Star event better though.  What do you think they should do?

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