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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 2011 Frozen Four

The Frozen Four, NCAA's Hockey Championship, is underway from Minnesota.  Notre Dame has already lost to Minnesota Duluth and the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota are playing the Michigan Wolverines as I type this.  The winner of UND vs. UM will play the wrong Bulldogs for the National Championship on Saturday night.  

That's right, I said wrong Bulldogs.  I think we all know that the Yale Bulldogs are the rightful victors of the quarterfinal matchup. Those ruffian UMD Bulldogs no doubt resorted to all manor of underhanded deception and various hi-jinx to steal match with those noble Bulldogs hailing from New Haven.

The Sioux are the better team in tonight's matchup but they are currently down 1 goal to none against the Wolverine's.  They are also led the best player in College Hockey, Matt Frattin.  Despite an early injury to the Sioux's Centerman, Nelson, it's been a very enjoyable game to watch.  Surprisingly physical to my novice College Hockey eye.  Count me as a new fan.  I'll be tuning in to the Championship on Saturday night no matter the ultimate winner of tonight's game.  

If there are any serious College Hockey fans out there reading this please feel free to comment and let me know what you are thinking about tonight's game and the Championship matchup Saturday night.

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