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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Watch the NCAA Championship Games Live at

If you are stuck in your office today, you should seriously use St. Patty's AND the NCAA Championship games as a "team building" exercise and go to a bar.  Your boss basically has to allow this otherwise morale will dip even lower and mutiny is certainly not far away.  HOWEVER, if that is not a possibility, you can now use SKOHRboard to watch all the games right on your computer!  I'll update the windows below to bring you the best games throughout the day. So stick with SKOHRboard and we'll get you through this together.

BYU vs. Wofford is now on SKOHRboard Live

Belmont vs. Wisconsin is now on SKOHRboard Live

Don't forget to "like" SKOHRboard's Facebook page and follow @SKOHR on Twitter! You can easily do both in the gadgets to the right of the page. Thanks!

1 comment:

Justin!! said...

oh thank goodness you posted these. i'm being held hostage by stupid college hockey

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