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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The SKOHRboard "Big Board" Top 40

Now that the Combine is over and we are about half way through with schools' official Pro Days, most "Big Boards" are seeing significant changes.  The SKOHRboard Top 40 is no different.  40 has become a number so correlated to the Draft that it seems like the perfect cut off for our Big Board.  While 32 guys will become first round picks not everyone has the same 32 with first round grades so there are inevitably more guys who warrant consideration here, hence the Top 40.  This list is in constant flux and is only my interpretation of the order that the Top 40 players in the draft find themselves in at this moment.  I'll post another Big Board before the draft so let me know who you think needs to be higher or lower and why so I can take your points into consideration for the next SKOHRboard Top 40.

1 Patrick Peterson - CB, LSU
2 Marcel Dareus - DT, Alabama
3 Da'Quan Bowers - DE, Clemson
4 AJ Green - WR, Georgia
5 Von Miller - OLB, Tex A&M
6 Prince Amukamura - CB, Nebraska
7 Nick Fairley - DT, Auburn
8 Robert Quinn - DE, UNC
9 Julio Jones - WR, Alabama
10 Tyron Smith - OT, USC
11 Cameron Jordan - DE, Cal
12 Blaine Gabbert - QB, Missouri
13 Cam Newton - QB, Auburn
14 JJ Watt - DE, Wisconsin
15 Aldon Smith - DE, Missouri
16 Nate Solder - OT, Colorado
17 Mark Ingram - RB, Alabama
18 Ryan Kerrigan - DE, Purdue
19 Anthony Castonzo - OT, BC
20 Gabe Carimi - OT, Wisconsin
21 Derek Sherrod - OT, Miss St
21 Jimmy Smith - CB, Colorado
23 Cameron Heyward - DE, Ohio St
24 Akeem Ayers - OLB, UCLA
25 Adrian Clayborn - DE, Iowa
26 Brandon Harris - CB, Miami
27 Martez Wilson - LB, Illinois
28 Stephen Paea - DT, Oregon St
29 Jake Locker - QB, Washington
30 Marvin Austin - DT, UNC
31 Muhammed Wilkerson - DT, Temple
32 Danny Watkins - OG, Baylor
33 Justin Houston - DE, Georgia
34 Mike Pouncey - OG, Florida
35 Corey Liuget - DT, Illinois
36 Leonard Hankerson - WR, Miami
37 Christian Ponder - QB, Florida St
38 Kyle Rudolph - TE, Notre Dame
39 Mikel LeShoure - RB, Illinois
40 Ryan Mallett - QB, Arkansas

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