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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jon Jones is Batman

It takes a crappily formatted guest post to bring a little MMA coverage to SKOHRboard, which I'm okay with. I'll use this opportunity to spice things up a bit as we endure the lull between rounds of March Madness.

For those who missed it, this past Saturday night saw the crowning of the newest UFC Light Heavyweight Champion: Jon "Bones" Jones. With a seriously impressive performance in Newark, NJ, Jones dominated Mauricio "Shogun" Rua from the opening bell with blazing speed and freakish athleticism. The domination lasted almost three rounds - "almost" because the ref stopped the fight 2:37 into the 3rd due to Jones's superior beatdown skills (Rua was in big trouble and could no longer defend himself). Even more impressive is the fact that Jones is only 23 years old and is now the youngest-ever UFC champ.

But the best part of Saturday's performance is actually what happened earlier in the day. Most fighters make a point of relaxing on the day of their fight, and Jones thought he would be doing the same on Saturday afternoon when he and his two trainers went to a park in Paterson, NJ to meditate and chill. But he was wrong. Instead of taking it easy, 'Bones' foiled a robbery attempt. And not foiled like he walked in to a convenience store at a fortunate time and his presence made some criminal think twice about holding the place up. Foiled like he chased down the guy who mugged an elderly couple, tossed him around like a rag doll, and put him in a jiu jitsu lock until the police showed up. After the incident Jones went back to the park, meditated, stretched a bit, and then won the UFC Light Heavyweight title with ease. Not a bad day's work.

UFC coverage on the crime fighting:

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