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Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champs!

The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions.  All 32 NFL teams set out each season to claim that Lombardi trophy but only one can, and this year it was the Packers who rose to the challenge.  They were one of the favorites to start the year but after suffering so many season ending injuries and some inexplicable loses, they had to hope for other teams to lose at the end of the season just to sneak into the second wildcard spot.  Once they clinched a place in the playoffs though, it was never really close.  The Packers have been playing better football than anyone else over the last 2 months.

Last night's game was a fun game to watch for everyone.  There were big plays, huge turnovers, and plenty of drama.  The difference in the game was in the trenches.  Green Bay's Offensive Line and Defensive Line just outplayed the Steelers all night long.  Their Defense got pressure on Roethlisberger all night and forced him into bad throws which became turnovers.  Their O-Line was generally able to keep pressure off of Rodgers and he could step into his throws and put the needed zip on each one.  

As I'm watching replays of the game today, it's incredible to see how small the windows were that Rodgers was able to throw into last night.  Rodgers really showed off his improved arm strength as almost every throw was a laser right into the hands of his WRs.  He looked really good all night long and ultimately won the game's MVP award.  However, as well as Rodgers played, it was the Lineman who were the SKOHRboard MVP.

As for the commercials, well, they were underwhelming.  There were a few good ones like the two Doritos (cheese dust licker, and reviving grandpa), the Bridgestone reply-all, and the VW Darth Vader ad.  Some were awful; Stella Artois with signing Adrien Brody, all the GoDaddy ads, and the stupid Best Buy Ozzy-Beiber one.  The worst ad had to be the Groupon one, which was trying to be funny, but didn't pick a very good antagonist in a struggling to survive Tibet.  The best non-funny commercial was easily the fantastic Chrysler ad with Eminem and a patriotic message, "Imported from Detroit."  I'd link to videos of those ads here because that's probably what people want, but come on... those are advertisements meant to make you go buy something.

My ornery little Sister texted me after the game last night, "It's finally over!"  She is not a football fan (What, those exist?!) and thinks that the end of the Super Bowl means that football is gone from now until Week 1 of the 2011 season in September.  Fortunately she couldn't be more wrong.  The 2011 season just started and it's time for all those teams not named the Packers to figure out what went wrong this past season and fix those problems whether through scheme or through personnel.  As fans we prepare to get ready for the NFL draft and we keep our fingers crossed that the League and the NFLPA resolve their differences quickly and quietly so we can watch football as regularly scheduled. 

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