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Friday, January 7, 2011

Which Way Did He Go? Lots of Coaching and Player Moves. Andrew Luck Comes Back, Rich Rodriguez is Out, and Jim Harbaugh is the New Brett Favre

He had that frustrated look on his face since the day he got there.
So many big moves going on these days, it made sense just to put it all in one post.  I'll list the guy on the move and give a quick breakdown of the situation.  Cool?  Ok great.

Andrew Luck
Staying in school.

He decided yesterday that he would rather spend his Senior year at Stanford than making untold tens of millions playing in the NFL.  With the possibility of injury or a bad season knocking his draft stock down he risks losing up to $50 million guaranteed by choosing to go back.  Yes, it's great that he loves school, learning, education, college, his girlfriend, his professors and I think we should admire him for that.  But it's crazy to think that his decision was anything but crazy.  He could very well play college next year and stand out even more, but what if he doesn't?  I loved college but there is no chance I would turn down even half of that guaranteed money for another year of school.  Haha, half... Who am I kidding, I wouldn't turn down 2% of that.

My advice to Luck is to write a book about how awesome a $50 million a year school experience is.  I want to hear about everything that makes it worth it.  Or maybe start a blog?  OR MAYBE YOU COULD "GUEST" BLOG FOR SKOHRBOARD!?  Seriously if there is any chance that you're reading this Andrew, shoot me an email at and we'll get you all set up.  The best part is that my inability to pay you is okay because you can't take any money right now anyway!

Jim Harbaugh
At this point it looks like he will go back to Stanford for another run at glory with Luck or head to the pros and coach the San Francisco 49ers.  If it were up to me I'd take a shot at the Pros.  Yes it sounds like I'm selling out again but this is a business.  An awesome business, but let's face it these guys are doing it to make money.

He is in a position right now to essential make his own demands and get paid like a professional coach.  Which even if he only lasts there for 3-4 years is still a lot more money than he could be making in college.  Plus if he does flame out in the NFL, he can always go back and coach college football but if he has a few even mediocre years in college there is very little chance that he'll get another shot at the NFL or at least a shot with as much bargaining power as he has right now.

Now there's a Michigan man

Rich Rodriguez
Involuntarily ousted from Michigan.
This move surprised me.  It seems that I might have been the only one, but I think it's too soon.  Rich Rod has a different style of game and it takes some time and the right players to make it work.  We all saw what he did in West Virginia so he is clearly not a bad coach.  All of this, "He isn't a Michigan man," nonsense is laughable.  The greatest "Michigan man" ever is probably Bo Schembechler, who played college football in Ohio then was an assistant coach at Ohio State, which if you weren't sure is the sworn enemy of every Michigan man.

Rodriguez just needed another year to have that offense humming right along.  Their defense was atrocious and I'm sure he was fixing it.  But it seems to me like the Michigan administration succumbed to fans in this one and made a decision that really set their football program back another 3 years at least.  Think about it, Rodriguez spent the better part of the last 3 years recruiting guys that fit his unique spread system. Now if they bring in a "Michigan man" who likes defense, power running, and tall, nonathletic, white QBs it's going to take another few years to get rid of the current players and ramp up recruiting of players who fit the new scheme.  However, if they gave Rich just one more year he could have had all his guys in place and hopefully the defense would have been better.  Then they would have been on rebound or the better side of the swoon, now they have just started it all over.


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