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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breaking News: Jeff Fisher is Out in Tennessee. Rumors Fly of Fisher as Defensive Coordinator in Philly

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated reported today that Jeff Fisher, the Tennessee Titans and longest tenured Head Coach in the NFL, is going to be released on Friday after 17 years with the team.  The Oilers and Titans are 142 -140 under his tenure.  The Oilers.  Fisher was the Head Coach back when the organization was still the Houston Oilers.  Despite only 6 seasons with sub .500 records the Titans were never very serious contenders having only appeared in the Super Bowl once and the AFC Championship twice.  Although reports even a few weeks ago had the Titans siding with Jeff Fischer rather than QB Vince Young over their spate, it seems things have changed and Fisher is now the one on the outs.  

What all of this means is that Philadelphia Eagles fans are going to go crazy talking about Fisher joining the Eagles as their Defensive Coordinator.  Fisher was actually the Eagles DC for 2 years under Buddy Ryan in the late 80's.  The Titans former Defensive Line coach who was very close with Fisher is now the Eagles Defensive Line coach and well there aren't really many other reasons.  However, it would make sense if Fisher is seriously just looking to take a break from the Head Coaching stress and trying to earn a Super Bowl ring out of it.  The Eagles look like they are a few pieces away from being legitimate contenders and Fisher could certainly help them along.

Although I doubt that he really wants to join a team and play second fiddle to Andy Reid, crazier things have certainly happened.  As an Eagle fan myself, I admit that it was the very first thing that I thought of when I heard the news.  However, I don't see it happening.  

Oh and fellow Eagles fans, this does also effect the trade market for Kevin Kolb if Vince Young stays in Tennessee.  That's one more QB needy team and one less trade target who can step in and start immediately.

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