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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can blog from my PHONE!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Great is Charles Barkley?

Seriously. This guy is awesome.

I saw his 5 Good Minutes section with the PTI guys yesterday and he cracked me up at least 3 or 4 times. Chuck is intelligent, eloquent, and insightful. But what is probably my favorite thing about him is that he is just not afraid.

He was a 6'5" Center/Power Forward for 16 years in the NBA and was recently included in the Top 50 of All Time list. He dominated because of his very aggressive style of play, which you can see demonstrated here.

Unfortunately Charles is done playing basketball but he is clearly not done being awesome. He has written several books and although I haven't read them nor have any of them have received critical acclaim, you should at least think about it. He even has a TV show on the Golf Channel now where famed instructor Hank Haney tries to fix his notorious awful swing.

Charles has openly spoken about running for office and even Governor of Alabama for several year and I for one hope that he succeeds. With quotes like this how can you not root for him?
"I've got to get people to realize that the government is full of it. Republicans and Democrats want to argue over stuff that's not important, like gay marriage or the war in Iraq or illegal immigration... When I run — if I run — we're going to talk about real issues like improving our schools, cleaning up our neighborhoods of drugs and crime and making Alabama a better place for all people."

The Round Mound of Rebound is very clearly a family man. What I would like to see are regular guest appearances on PTI. He and Wilbon are good friends or at least close and his particular views mesh wonderfully with that show. If not that maybe we can get him his own show. Jim Rome's show has to be cancelled soon, right?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video of Awesome

Sure the people are awesome, but a lot of these people seem like they are also a little to a lot out of their minds.
Found this on

Great Cartoon from "The Week"

Big thanks to LB for the find.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Defense of Boise St.

The Broncos of Boise St. have gotten a bad wrap lately because of their weak schedule. This has prevented them from rising to the top of the overall BCS ranking because schedule strength is a huge component of the computer rankings incorporated into the formula. Boise is currently sitting at #3 in the BCS and at #2 in just about every human poll on the planet.

Despite their position atop the polls there is a general consensus among sports talking heads that they'll actually need to be #1 overall in order to get into the BCS Championship game. Why? Well because they think that no matter how many wins they acrue, their wins are not as worthy as some of the Big Conference School wins. Boise St. actually has 21 consecutive victories as of right now which is by far the longest streak of its' kind in the country. Those wins include victories over 4 ranked opponents including Oregon, TCU, Virginia Tech, and Oregon State. They have a shot at playing 2 more ranked teams this year in Nevada and Hawaii. Nevada is currently in 24th and Hawaii is the first team out of the Top 25, but if the Rainbow Warriors win against Idaho this weekend, they should sneak into the rankings. They have also won both of the BCS bowl games that they've played in over the last 3 years. I'm sure you remember their last minute victory over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

To give you some idea of how that stacks up in terms of tough schedules, over the last year Alabama has played 10 Top 25 teams and lost once while Boise has played 4 and won them all. However a lot of Alabama's schedule strength comes from playing inter conference games. When you take out all the inter conference and bowl games you see that both Alabama and Boise St. have the same number of games against ranked opponents 2 and wins, 2. Boise St. has been left with the challenge of bolstering their schedule's level of difficulty in order to crank that up and come close to matching their peers in the Top 10. However, imagine how impossible that task must be for their Athletic Director.

"Hi Rich Rod, it's me Gene Bleymair the AD at Boise St. and I wanted to know if we could get our boys together for a game in 2012?"

"Hi Brian Kelly, it's me Gene Bleymair the AD at Boise St. and I was wondering if you'd be interested in setting up the Irish to play a Home and Away with us Broncos in 2012."
"Bless you Gene, but no Goddamn way."

"Hi Joe Pa, it's me Gene Bleymair the AD at Boise St. and I would like to see if we can put a game on the schedule with your Nittany Lions in 2012."
"Do you think we can play against one another in 2012?"
"Huh!? SPEAK UP!"
"Boise St. would like to challenge Penn St. to a football game in 2 years."

Sure those are all hypothetical but why would anyone accept a challenge to play against Boise St.? Only 2 teams have done so lately, the Oregon Ducks and the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Ducks makes sense because they are so close it's almost a neighboring state rivalry kind of game between to very good football schools. The Hokies however, show some serious bravado in taking on the Broncos to open the season even if it was on a neutral field. Plus you have you figure that Coach Beamer has a heck of a lot of job security. If a school is going to schedule a non conference opponent, they would ideally like them to be good but not that good. Therein lies Boise's double edge sword. They are that good, but nobody will play them and allow them to officially prove it.

Until Boise St. is able to convince some school's who are perennial Top 25 programs to play some home and aways it's going to be tough for them to crack that mystical #1 overall spot. However, we as fans can support them for being the exciting offense and shutdown defensive team that they've become. According to ESPN they have the 3rd highest scoring offense and 6th best defense in terms of points allowed, #1 Overall Auburn is 11th and 53rd respectively in those categories. Maybe we can start actually considering Boise St. for that top spot if they keep up their play through the rest of this season.

The Decision was a Good Thing

All of the hub-bub around the LeBron "Decision" today is understandable because the Heat tip off their first game with the new "Big Three" in just over an hour from now. There is debate about how evil he is to have dissed Cleveland like that. There is debate about how selfish he is for asking ESPN to put together an hour long show about him. There is even debate about the debates. What isn't being said is that LeBron's "Decision" was a good thing.

What never gets mentioned is that he was able to raise A LOT of money for charity with this simple one hour show. Yes, it did seem over the top. Yes it did seem like some sort of conspiracy that LeBron and ESPN would try to steal him away from Cleveland, the small market with big hearts. That is just because we are trained to be leery of power moves made by big corporations. It doesn't really get much bigger than LeBron, "The King," and ESPN, "The World-Wide Leader." So when The King uses the WWL to sensationalize in an hour long exclusive what for others is a quick tweet, we think something is up.

Well what was up was that LeBron figured out a way to "The Decision" that so many basketball fans and even casual sports fans were interested in more than just a blip on the scrolling headlines. He was able to raise $6 Million for charities! Yes, $6 Million. I admit that the way Kevin Durant handled his contract extension and his "Decision" to stay with the Thunder was certainly less self congratulatory but I didn't see anything about him generating $6 Million for charities. ESPN's show generated that through ad sales and gave all of it away per James' request. The Boy's and Girl's Club benefited the most with around $2.5 Million donated to them.

For those of us that think it was an over the top and ego driven media spectacle, well we can debate all week long. Or off-season, if you are a basketball columnist with nothing else to talk about. However, we owe it to LeBron to show respect for his knowledge and realization that his stardom can benefit people besides himself. After-all he did it for the kids.

Monday, October 25, 2010

SKOHRboard's Top 3 Thoughts on the Week

#1. It's Halloween! Proper etiquette for this weekend requires that you wear a costume. Showing up at a party dressed as "a guy who likes to party!" is about the most lame thing imaginable or unimaginable as it were. Making some effort is considered polite but going above and beyond will make you a hero. So go for the gold this weekend and try that costume that has always alluded you (Eli Manning or maybe a more recent version.)

#2. Where have all our QBs gone? It certainly seems like all the Quarterbacks in the league are getting hurt. Or that's what SportsCenter would have me believe! But seriously Kolb, Vick, Romo, Vince Young, Matt Moore, Cutler, Collins, Stafford, Hill, Alex Smith, Gradkowski, Garrard, Batch, Dixon, Delhomme, and Wallace. That is just off the top of my head and it's darn near 1/3 of the league's starting signal callers. For all the safety elements that have been worked into the rules to protect these guys in recent years, it certainly seems like they are under more pressure now than ever before. What's the deal? Is it poor line play, more dominant pass rushers, longer drops, better pass coverage? Probably all of the above.

Somehow Peyton Manning never seems to get hurt though. I mean the guy doesn't even really get touched. He is so good at what he does that he knows when pressure is coming and is usually able to get a quick pass off before they can get to him.

Do these injuries to QBs mean something or will they inspire another rule change from the NFL? Perhaps it will put a premium on backup QBs as Andy Reid has continued to say this season when pressed about his "quarterback contreversy." Maybe we'll see more and more teams go into a QBBC system as we've seen from most team's running back corps. Wouldn't it be strange if we saw teams start incorporating two QBs into their standard offense as happens in college more frequently?

#3. Baseball season is over! The NFL and NBA won! Unfortunately for the MLB the World Series is featuring neither the Yankees or the Phillies but instead will be two rather blue collar teams focused on pitching and dramatic base running, the Giants and Rangers. This match-up could be just as interesting but unfortunately for baseball it won' t be as interesting to as many and their ratings will most likely be down this year as their season finale coincides with the most hyped NBA season Tip-Off in recent memory.

Tonight we'll finally get to see the new look Miami Heat and hopefully we can all get over our false admonitions of LeBron too. They guy is good at playing basketball and wants to win a championship. Is that so horrible? He took less money to move to Miami in order to try to win. Isn't that what we want from our stars, the desire to win games put before making money? Seems like he made the honorable move but somehow people are dissing him. Why, because he is now playing with 2 other all-stars? So what? I guarantee that if any one of us had that opportunity we would do it too. That sounds awesome!

SKOHRboard Top 25 10-25-10

When Ducks attack!

The latest SKOHRboard rankings have the Ducks taking over the top spot from the Boise Broncos. The bye week didn't hurt the Broncos so much as the totally dominant effort by Oregon. They absolutely destroyed UCLA this weekend. Unfortunately they face the always tough at home USC this coming weekend. Could this be the 4th weekend in a row that we see the top team fall? Well the corrupt BCS would have you believe that Auburn is the #1 team in the country but they are wrong. Auburn probably just fed the "computers" more money than the other schools.

Yes, Auburn did beat a top ranked LSU team pretty convincingly but LSU is not that good. They are about 3 plays away from being a 4 loss team. With a tough road ahead for both Auburn and Oregon, we should see plenty of good match-ups in the coming weeks and both teams will have to prove to us who is most deserving of the real #1 position. In the meantime, here are SKOHRboard's Top 25.

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. Boise St.
4. Missouri
5. TCU
6. Michigan St.
7. Utah
8. Wisconson
9. Alabama
10. Oklahoma
11. Ohio St.
12. Nebraska
13. Iowa
14. Stanford
15. Arizona
16. Oklahoma St.
17. South Carolina
18. Arkansas
19. Florida St.
20. LSU
21. Virginia Tech
22. Miami
23. Mississippi St.
24. Baylor
25. Nevada

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