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Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Cleveland Should Do: Boycott LeBron

LeBron has asked us all what he should do but I've got the answer for what Cleveland should do tonight when LeBron returns.  Boycott.  Everyone is wondering what the fan reaction will be tonight when LeBron is announced; will they boo, cheer, throw things?  Well the most powerful thing the jilted people of Cleveland can do would be to boycott the game as though LeBron doesn't even matter to them.  Imagine what a powerful image that would be when all the TV cameras can show is LeBron James playing in an empty Quicken Loans arena in his first game back after taking his talents to South Beach.

Shaq's interview with ESPN this week about what he thought in games when he returned to his former team was great.  He said that he felt the jeers were displays of respect and he's right.  If people care enough to shout, yell, and boo that means that they see him as important enough to get that riled up.  Well why not do the exact opposite?  If people in Cleveland really want to show LeBron that they don't care about him anymore the most impactful thing they could do is not show up.


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