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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sky is Falling! Metrodome Roof Collapses In Minnesota Blizzard


The Metrodome roof gave out late Saturday night as a huge blizzard unleashed it's fury upon the frozen state of Minnesota.  Perhaps this was natural or perhaps it was the football gods giving Brett Favre another day to rest his injured shoulder, the world may never know.  What we do know is that the originally scheduled Sunday game is now part of a Monday Night Football doubleheader which will be played in Detroit.  For those of you not from the Minneapolis/Detroit area, those cities are not really that close.  According to my man on the scene, it's about an 11 hour drive.

The real winners in this Metrodome disaster are the fine people of Detroit, Michigan.  Fox and the NFL have agreed to move the game to Detroit's Ford Field and kickoff at a slightly earlier than a normal MNF kickoff at 7pm.  As you can imagine the ticketing is severely thrown off but they are going to give ticket holders to the original game priority seating.  All you have to do is drive the 11 hours over to Detroit and show your tickets, then you get to choose your own seat.  After that, they will be honoring any ticket stubs from yesterday's Lions game.  If you don't have any tickets but would still like to see Brett Favre and his bum shoulder take on Eli Manning and the New York Giants, all you have to do is be one of the first 65,000 people to show up.  Admission is free and seating is first come first serve.  Not a bad deal for the Lions fans who get to relish in yesterday's victory over the Packers and heartily boo their newly homeless division rivals... for free!

Oh and Brett Favre will be playing tonight.  I don't care whose text messages you want to listen to, he is starting whether he has both arms or not.


Justin said...

That video is unbelievable. I sure hope my own roof is fortified enough to withstand the winter

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