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Thursday, December 9, 2010

SKOHRboard's Fantasy Notes 12-9-10

Big Jay Cutler
It's the final week of the Regular Season!  I'm sure there are lots of crucial fantasy football battles being waged all over the country in hopes of making of breaking seasons.  Friends pitted against friends, some hoping to win and get in, other hoping to crush their buddies' playoff dreams.  Well here are a few guys who can help you do that.
Actual Football Playing Jay Cutler (sadface)
- Jay Cutler, Bears at home against the Patriots
Cutler has been playing well lately and I think he has a chance to really light it up against a young and overconfident Patriots secondary.  As long as he doesn't throw it near former Rutgers star Devin McCourty, he should be able to put up lots of points, especially if they get behind early.
- Drew Stanton, Lions play at home against the Packers
Expect the Pack to make life difficult for the inexperienced signal caller but all you really have to know about this pick is Calvin Johnson.  As long as Stanton is able to get the ball near him expect enough passes thrown that some will work and some will work for TDs.

Brian Westbrook doing what he does best
-Knowshon Moreno, Broncos play @ Cardinals
Knowshon is currently ranked 20th in my league but a lot of that is due to a hamstring injury that kept him out of a few games early in the season.  The Broncos offense needs him to function so he'll get plenty of touches with a new coach.  He is absolutely a must start this week while playing against the Cardinals.
-Brian Westbrook, 49ers play home against Seahawks
Yup, Westbook is back (until further notice).  He is playing against a very weak Seattle team this weekend.  I thinkhis poor showing in Green Bay last week is fairly forgivable.  He should stand to have another big game.
-LeGarrette Blount, Bucs play @ Redskins
Blount is the feature running back for a bubble playoff team.  They are playing one of the worst defenses in the league without their lazy star run stopper Albert Haynesworth.  Expect Blount to rumble for plenty in this one.

Danny Woodhead slipping between the fingers of normal sized defenders
-Danny Woodhead, Pats play @ Bears
Woodhead has been amazing for the Pats this year by taking the easy short throws from Brady and turning them into huge plays.  He'll get matched up against great LBs this week but they simply won't be able to match Woodhead's quicks.  Watch for him to break a few long ones this week against an over-matched Chicago D.  Oh and he also gets quite a few handoffs to bolster his stats.
-Malcom Floyd, Chargers play home against Chiefs
Floyd is the only WR left on the Chargers.  Yes he is hurt, but he should play unlike everyone else.  To make this offense work Rivers is going to have to throw the ball to Floyd roughly 1,000 times on Sunday so hopefully he catches a few passes and at least one of them ends up with him in the endzone.
-Sidney Rice, Vikings play at home against the Giants
How about Sidney Rice coming back in a big way!?  Is he actually back to last year's form?  I don't really know.  The good thing is that this whole, "OMGwillBritfarplayandcontinuehisstreak?OMG!" ESPN freakout really won't effect him because he is clearly the top aerial threat on the Vikings and will see plenty of targets.


Justin said...

Wes Welker is absolutely fuming that he is no longer the most beloved undersized white guy in the Boston area

SKOHR said...

He's angry?! How do you think Dustin Pedroia feels?

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