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Friday, December 17, 2010

SKOHRboard College Bowl Pick'em Invitation

This going to be our first Bowl Season together and that really means a lot to me. Despite my sometimes negative attitude towards the BCS, that doesn't mean that I don't love college football and Bowl Season has to be one of the game's best parts. In order to appropriately celebrate this year I'm going to be hosting a College Bowl Pick'em Party over at College Fantasy Football Insider.

All you have to do attend the month long party is register then join the "SKOHRboard" group. It's totally free and should help make some of the more underwhelming bowl match-ups a little more exciting. I'm looking at you Florida International vs. Troy.

Don't delay because the polls close at 1pm tomorrow only 24 hours from now. I hope to see you all at the party.

Cheers and a happy Bowl Season to all!


TK said...

The link for college fantasy football above is not working try to get to the home page.

TK said...

Wow are you fast, I no sooner posted the site and the link was fixed!!

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