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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Playoff Implications Week 16

There are only two weeks of regular season NFL Football left and unless your team is in the Playoff hunt, you better be savoring every minute remaining.  For those of you whose team is in the hunt you can see just what they need to do in the breakout below.  I'll be doing my best to cope with the lack of Eagles this weekend because of their game postponement until Tuesday.  As a fan who has a flight back home on Tuesday night, I am very unhappy about this development.  I can't believe the NFL buckled to a blizzard in light of the "cold weather" Super Bowl they just approved last year.


CLINCHED:  New England, Pittsburgh (playoff spots)

   New England clinches AFC East division and homefield advantage:
    1) NE win or tie
    2) NYJ loss or tie

  Pittsburgh clinches AFC North division and a first-round bye:
   1) PIT win + BAL loss

  Kansas City clinches AFC West division:
   1) KC win + SD loss or tie
   2) KC tie + SD loss

  Baltimore clinches a playoff spot:
   1) BAL win or tie
   2) KC loss + JAC loss or tie
   3) KC loss + IND loss or tie
   4) SD loss + JAC loss or tie
   5) SD loss + IND loss or tie

  NY Jets clinch a playoff spot:
   1) NYJ win or tie
   2) JAC loss or tie
   3) IND loss or tie
(Note:  In scenarios where a JAC or IND loss or tie occurs, NYJ has clinched strength of victory tiebreaker over SD)


  Atlanta clinches NFC South division and homefield advantage:
   1) ATL win or tie

  Philadelphia clinches NFC East division:
   1) PHI win
   2) PHI tie + NYG loss or tie
   3) NYG loss
  Philadelphia clinches a playoff spot:
   1) PHI tie
   2) TB loss or tie

  Chicago clinches a first-round bye:
   1) CHI win + PHI loss + NYG loss or tie

  New Orleans clinches a playoff spot:
   1) NO win or tie
   2) TB loss or tie

  NY Giants clinch a playoff spot:
   1) NYG win


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