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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike Vick is Super Popular Right Now

Tashard Choice gets Vick's autograph.  Awkward ensues
After the Eagles beat the division rival Cowboys on Sunday night, the TV cameras showed us Dallas RB asking Mike Vick for his autograph.  The problem was that Dallas had just lost to the Eagles and Vick played somewhat of a major role in that.  You can see where this might be construed as awkward.  Sure they are professionals and once the game is over, it's over, but this just looks bad.  Even if the players on his team are cool with it, he should realize that the fans are probably not going to be so understanding despite his later clarification that, it "was for [his] nephew."

What this is really a testament to is just how popular Mike Vick really is.  He is so popular that he is getting autograph requests from opponents he beats, he is frequently a trending topic on twitter, and he even leads the NFL in All-Star fan voting.  At this rate he could probably win class president in most high schools.  He might even be able to get a BCS bowl bid he is so popular!  Let's just hope he keeps his body in one piece.

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