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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Link to Iggles Blog - Quick & Dirty Roughing The Passer Study

If you weren't aware, yours truly is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Which also means that I am a Michael Vick fan. So when people start destroying him before, during, after plays I get sad. But what Andy Reid and I are most upset about is that people ARE hitting Mike after the play and they ARE NOT getting penalized for it. Well Derek, one of the writers for one of the best fan sites for any team, , wrote about the penalty drawing differences between QBs like Vick and McNabb vs. those like Peyton and Brady (running vs. pocket-passers.) Although he adamantly states over and over again,
"The following tables and graphs prove nothing, definitively answer no questions, and should really only be a stepping stone to a larger study. So long as we're all clear on that, let's move on."
if you are interested in whether or not Mike is getting his fair share of roughing the passer penalties called, you should read this and draw your own conclusions.

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: Quick & Dirty Roughing The Passer Study

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