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Monday, December 13, 2010

Desean Jackson Celebrates Life and Touchdowns

Fraction Jackson takes a second to savor his ludicrous speed and it's riches
Wow, he is fast.  After the game Jackson speculated that the health of his dinged up ankle was probably about 60% on this score.  Which is clearly why there are 5 Cowboys in the frame as he collapses into the end-zone with what appears to be complete exhaustion and definitely not the celebratory antics of a 24 year-old millionaire who happens to be the fastest man on the football field.  As an Eagles fan I am free to enjoy these antics and laugh them off with an "Oh, Desean..." and a fist pump, but for fans of other teams, it seems that they somewhat enjoy his brazen ways too.

Which was shocking to me.  I'm pretty sure that if I were a Cowboy or Giant fan, I would not be ok with his penchant for rubbing it in.  But for some reason whether it's his aforementioned speed or maybe it's because he is smaller than every adult male that I know, people genuinely seem to enjoy watching him and for the most part they also accept his tomfoolery.  Good for Desean Jackson.  Good for me.

Anyway, if you didn't see the game last night for some reason, Fraction Jackson lit it up with over 200 yards receiving... ON 4 CATCHES!.  He averaged 52.5 yards per catch last night.  Somehow that only resulted in 1 TD which you can see above but dangumit that is one impressive stat line.  It seems that he and the Eagles other high performance offensive machine, Mike Vick, are forming quite a bond.  Hopefully Andy Reid can keep them both out of harm's way for the rest of the season and Eagles fans like myself can continue to watch more spectacular speed and hi-jinx care of Desean Jackson.

Thanks to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports @YahooSportsNFL and Olivia from @ninerchick05 for tweeting the .gif!

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Justin said...

That gif makes me laugh every single time

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