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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Civil War: 'Quizz vs. LaMike

Jacquizz Rodgers vs. LaMichael James
The Civil War is being played in Oregon today and you should be watching.  This game will feature two of the most electric running backs in college football.  I won't even get into their spectacular first names but they should be recognized for awesomeness on the field.

Jacquizz Rodgers has been fooling spellchecks and leading Oregon State in rushing for the last three years.  In the time he has racked up nearly 3,800 yards rushing and 46 TDs on the ground.  He is also a very good pass receiver with 146 career catches for 1,036 yards and 4 TDs.  Quizz, as he is known by friends, averages 5.3 yards per touch for his career.  He is also owner to highlights such as these...


In the opposite backfield we find the French running back LaMichael James.  James must be one of the faster backs you'll see on the college football field today and with the rate that the Ducks run plays it's not surprising that a few times a game he just runs right by everyone on the field which explains his career 6.7 yard per touch average.  According to his immaculately sourced wikipedia page he ran a 10.5 100 meters in high school.  LaMichael is currently the 4th leading rusher in the country behind 2 FCS guys and a QB.  He is also 2nd in the country with 19 rushing TDs.  If you are interested in seeing how he scored some of those touchdowns, I'd like to suggest the video below.


No matter who you are pulling for you this is a matchup you should be watching if you like fantastic running backs.  These guys are both sure to put on a show, but even if you are just in it for fancy first names you won't be let down.


Jake said...

oh i'll be watching..GO DUCKS! were trying to get to the Natty.

lamichael > jacquizz

word on the street is is the bees knees

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