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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Carl Crawford to Beantown Red Sox for $142 Million

Crawford seen here flying up to Boston.
For my money, and that isn't quite $142 million, Carl Crawford is the best outfielder in baseball.  He accompanies Pujols, Mauer, and Utley as in my favorite position players in the MLB.  Crawford has all the tools and is going to be a huge asset for the Red Sox.  

The Yankees GM Brian Cashman must be sick about not getting him.  I'm sure their offseason plans were 2 parts; step 1 get Cliff Lee, step 2 was getting Carl Crawford.  Unfortunately for them, the Sawx and GM Theo Epstein were just too quick and after getting Adrian Gonzalez last week, they must have really made Crawford their priority.  If their pitching can hold up and they don't get hit by injuries quite like last season, they have a chance to be a very good club in '11.


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