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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blake Griffin Dunks Very Hard

It seems like every time that highlights are shown of Clippers games this year we get to see Blake Griffin throwing down one of the most powerful dunks ever.  Fortunately the people over at the NBA were good enough to put together that nice highlight video of his best plays from November.  Somehow they picked a "pass" as one of them?  Whatever NBA.  That's like baseball promoting a well played grounder.  Come on guys, we're here to see some dingers.  In the NBA, of course, dingers are slam dunks and nobody has a better array of incredible dunks than Blake Griffin.  So in order to make up for some of those less than thrilling plays in the video above, I've got another for you which contains dunks and only dunks.

Despite the team's 5-17 start, it seems like there is reason for hope in LA. Well, at least in the Clipper's part of LA. The Lakers part of LA is probably doing just fine. If you are a Clipper fan or think you might want to become one in the future just check out some of these pictures and consider the "entertainment" value and not neccesarily the championship contending value of the Clippers.

A happy Blake Griffin displays his family friendly dunk

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Bobby Kennedy said...

Just-discovered video of Blake Griffin in 7th grade:

Justin said...

you have to admit that was one hell of a pass

SKOHR said...

WOW! Good find Bobby. That kid reminds me a lot of myself (if I was also dunking in 7th grade instead of just barely touching the rim where it hangs down a bit at the points where it hooks in the net).

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