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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

According to Sometimes Functional Computers, Boise St. is Finally Better than LSU

According to computers that usually work most of the time Boise St. jumped LSU in the "official" BCS rankings yesterday.  Which is great except for the fact that the "final official" BCS ranking came out 4 days ago.  Apparently there was some glitch in one of the computer systems and it wasn't recognizing the score of the Western Illinois vs. Appalachian St. game.  That mistake had an impact on strength of schedule that rippled down to #'s 10 and 11, now Boise St. and LSU respectively after the correction.

This mistake was discovered in the only 1 of the 6 computer rankings used by the BCS that is made public.  Which means there could be dozens of errors in the hidden rankings but nobody knows or cares to check as far as the BCS is concerned.  They are just delighted that they have finally chosen the two teams widely regarded as the top 2 in football to play against one another in the National Championship game.  Maybe next year we can get lucky and a few mistakes will slip a school like, this year's bowl snubbed team, Temple right into the Championship game so all hell can break loose and the entire BCS system disappears for good in favor of a just 16 team playoff.  Who's coming with me?


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