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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tonight's Winner: New Jersey

Is it just me or is all of the talent in tonight's NFL game from New Jersey?  Well maybe not all of it but Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Ray Rice all have ties to the Garden State.  That combination leads me to assert the not so bold claim that New Jersey is most under-rated football state in the country.  

Sure we hear a lot about Texas and California.  Florida is obviously where the fastest football players come from and Ohio claims that they hold claim to the most "blue collar" football in the country.  Well all of those states can take their claim to whatever they want but New Jersey is hands down home to the most under-valued wealth of football talent.    I've written about it before but would like to repeat myself again.  And again.  

(UPDATE - I actually wrote about the talent from the NJ area way back in May in my discussion of Rutgers possibly moving to the Big-10

In last year's NFL draft there were 7 kids taken in the first round with NJ roots. That is more than any other state! Actually from the first round alone in the last 3 drafts there has been a ton of talent from the NJ, NY, PA, and DE area. How would this lineup have looked wearing Scarlet Red on Saturdays?

QBs: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco
RBs: Knowshon Moreno, Donald Brown
WR: Kenny Britt
OL: Eugene Monroe, Jeff Otah, Anthony Davis
DL: BJ Raji, Aaron Maybin, Derrick Morgan
LB: Brian Cushing
        DB: Mike Jenkins, Devin McCourty

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