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Thursday, November 25, 2010

SKOHRboard's Weekend Picks

Could the Iron Bowl be any bigger this year?  #2 Auburn goes into Tuscaloosa, Alabama this afternoon at 2:30 to face #11 Alabama.  If that weren't already a big enough game but there are so many great storylines to this it's almost too intimidating to write about it.  This game will pit last year's Heisman winner, Alabama's Mark Ingram, against the frontrunner for this year's Heisman winner, Auburn's Cam Newton.  As of right now Auburn is going to play in the National Championship game, but if they lose to Alabama they're out.  How much do you think last year's National Champ, Alabama, would like to knock their biggest rival out of that game?  

If 'Bama does actually pull off this upset it will most likely mean that we'll see one of those spunky "non-AQ" teams playing in the National Championship game.  Which would also mean that more people would be angry with the BCS and start pushing for a College Football Playoff which would force those non-AQ teams to prove they can play at a high level before they end up they actually get to the games biggest stage.  

Again I'd like to urge all of you to read Death to the BCS, then tell your friends to read it.  They came up with a great plan for a 16 team playoff that is made up of the 11 D-1 conference champs plus 5 at large teams voted in by a smaller group of qualified voters.  At that point the teams would be re-ranked 1-16 by that same group of voters, which would ensure that teams don't cede the final game or two of the regular season just to rest up starters.  I would like to say that even the idea of Auburn resting their starters against Alabama to get ready for the playoffs is complete lunacy.  Could you imagine the upheaval from the players, fans, alumns, donors and so on if a team as proud as Auburn (or any team for that matter) gave up on any game especially one against their biggest rival in the last week of the regular season?  

On to some awesome games that you should watch this weekend.

-Michigan @ #8 Ohio State
Denard Robinson will take his talents to Ohio for the first time as the starter.  Along with the rest of America outside Ohio, we'll all be hoping that he runs circles around the Buckeyes and their slim chances for a BCS bid.

-#2 Auburn @ #11 Alabama
Please see above for why you should be watching this game.

-#5 LSU @ #12 Arkansas
LSU will be playing against a very hot Arkansas team who finally found a running game over the past three weeks.  It seems to have taken the loss of Ryan Mallett's top WR Greg Childs for them to realize they had a stud RB in Knile Davis.  Look for this Razorback squad to head into Death Valley with a big time SEC upset in mind.

-#21 Arizona @ #1 Oregon
Oregon has to survive this one final conference game before making it to their first ever BCS National Championship game.  Win and they're in.  It's that simple.  

-#13 Oklahoma @ #9 Oklahoma St.  "Bedlam"
A classic Big 12 matchup between these bitter in-state rivals.  This is one of the first times that I can remember the Cowboys being ranked better than the Sooner and I'm sure that Stoops and friends at OU would really like to change that as they head into bowl season.

-Notre Dame @ USC
Yes both teams are having down years but these are great programs and the games are always fun to watch.  If watching the Oklahomas battle it out isn't your thing switch over to this one. 

#4 Boise St. @ #19 Nevada
The Broncos have their final matchup of the season and if they remain undefeated it will be very hard once again for the BCS committee to keep them out of the championship game.  To make it even harder they'll have to convincingly shut down the Wolfpack's multi-talented QB, Colin Kaepernick. 

As always, enjoy the games!!


Justin said...

Great call on Arkansas. I know Childs is nasty, but they really do look like a scary offense now that they are balanced

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