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Thursday, November 25, 2010

SKOHRboard's Fantasy Notes 11-25-10

Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of SKOHRboard's Fantasy Notes.  The 3 Thanksgiving Day games will call for some early decision making and hopefully you've already gotten your lineups set.  Just in case you haven't I'll list a few sleeper picks for you.

-Sam Bradford, St. Louis @ Denver
Bradford has been a great rookie Quarterback this season and seems to have really started to turn around the Rams franchise.  They already have more wins than most people expected them to get all year.  They face one of the worst pass defenses in the league this week in Denver.  Last week The Broncos gave up 4 TDs to Philip Rivers and the Chargers.
-Brett Favre, Minnesota @ Washington
The Vikings will be running the same offense that they've run all season so they shouldn't have any problems transitioning to a new coach.  Actually if they improve their play as well as the Cowboys did with a new coach we can expect Brett to finally start playing as we expected him to this Summer.  Oh and his top WR from last year, Sidney Rice is finally back.  

-Donald Brown, Indianapolis at home against San Diego
San Diego has had a good defense statistically this year but now they have to face the Colts instead of other AFC West opponents.  Donald Brown seems to be the only healthy running back the Colts will have this week and that is always a good guy to have on your team.  
-Keiland Williams, Washington at home against Minnesota
The Redskins are down to their 3rd string RB with Portis just placed on IR and Torrain banged up.  However, this 3rd string running back is the guy who beat out Larry Johnson and "Fast" Willie Parker in camp this year.  Given how much McNabb likes to throw to his RBs this guy is almost a must have at this point.  
-Mike Goodson, Carolina @ Cleveland
Goodson has taken over as the lead back with Williams and Stewart both unable to go.  He has run for over 100 yards in each of the last 2 weeks and despite a tough Cleveland D, we can expect to see him continue to improve as he gets more playing time.  

-Mario Manningham, New York at home against Jacksonville
I'm pretty sure that he is the only WR left on the Giants.  Fortunately for him they are also playing against a terrible pass D this week in the Jaguars.  Seriously the Giants are missing Nicks, Smith, Moss, Barden...well those are the only guys I can think of, but you get the point.  
-Lee Evans, Buffalo @ Pittsburgh
Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson have been a revelation this year but expect Pittsburgh to be all over that match-up this week.  I also expect the Bills to be playing from behind which means lots of passing and lots of passing underneath given the Steelers pass rush.  That means Fitzpatrick won't have much time to get the ball deep and Evans will generally win a lot of those underneath match-ups where he can use his quickness.
-Danny Amendola, St. Louis @ Denver
Danny has had 6, 7, and 8 catches in each of the last 3 weeks.  As I said up top with Bradford, I think the Rams will have a good day in Denver and Amendola will be a big part of that.


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