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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SKOHRboard Book Club: The Book Championship Series

If Oprah can have a book club, SKOHRboard can have a book club.  I've always been a big fan of books because reading is so FUNdamental!  This is a book club that will be dedicated to awesome books.  Why?  Well because I don't like to read boring or lame books.  Generally I'll keep my book selections to suspenseful thrillers, classics, and some more interesting non-fiction.  In order to keep track of past books I'll include a fancy gadget over on the right side of the page which will keep a list of all the books that I've read in chronological order with the book I'm currently reading at the top.  As a good way to get this rolling I'll begin the list by back filling the gadget with books I've read from the beginning of this year along with a few SKOHRboard instant classics.

At the moment I'm reading Thomas Pynchon's latest book, "Inherent Vice."  I've only just started this book so I really have no idea where it's going but having read "Gravity's Rainbow," I am excited to see what Pynchon is up to these days.  Now I say that I've only just started because I finished the book "Death to the BCS" just the other day.  It was fantastic.  I mean seriously good stuff.  Sure it is very very one-sided but what do you expect out of a book that calls for the death of something in the title?  The authors do a fantastic job of exposing the corruption of the conference commissioners and the bowl executives who team up to steal potential playoff profits (alliteration!) from the government, schools, fans, and players.  The corruption is really unsettling and if enough people realize how much they are personally benefiting by purposefully denying the playoff benefits from everyone, well it just may defeat the BCS and give rise to an actual 16 team playoff.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Then use those fingers to read some books.


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