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Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye Vikings.

It's not that losing Randy Moss means that they don't have a good team or can't beat teams any longer.  It means that the whole organization is going crazy.  Who knows what exactly it was that made the team decide they couldn't stand that HOF wide receiver they JUST paid a 3rd Round draft pick for a month ago.  But that decision after such a bad loss and a week after the QB debate, it screams that the Vikings are a team with no answers.

First of all we don't know who made the call to ditch Moss.  It could have been Chilly or Ziggy.  Hopefully the players know and for his sake hopefully it was Ziggy because at least that way Chilly can tell his team that he stood up for Moss and maybe keep some respect from the players.  Favre already treats Chilly like he is just an annoying playground attendant and now it's pretty clear that the owner, who yes, does "own" the team, has all the power.  It's clear that Chilly is done after this year and it's been clear that Favre is finally done after this year.

It's almost impossible to believe that the Vikings would just outright cut Moss after such a short period of time.  Yes he wasn't putting up huge number and yes he press conference was a little too happy for the Pats to have just beaten his team and sure it didn't seem like he was giving it his all on every play.  But isn't that what you knew you were getting in an aging Randy Moss?  I mean look at the giant increase in production from Percy Harvin now that teams had to double Moss.  Look at the touchdowns he scored when he wasn't doubled.  Those things mean something.  He might not be good enough to beat doubles anymore but he is still good enough to demand them from defenses.

But what happens to him now?  He has to pass through waivers which process by inverse order of the current winning percentage of teams.  So as of right now the top 15 teams with a shot at Moss are as follows.

  1. Buffalo
  2. Dallas
  3. Carolina
  4. Denver
  5. San Francisco
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Cleveland
  8. Detroit
  9. Minnesota
  10. San Diego
  11. Arizona
  12. Jacksonville
  13. Oakland
  14. Washington
  15. St. Louis
Out of that group who would pick him up?  Well you'd have to think a team that is looking for one more WR to help open up the offense.  The downside is obviously that Randy isn't the same Randy as he was 3 years ago and his contract is up after this season.  So it would primarily be teams looking for help THIS season.  But there are also enterprising teams on that list that see the opportunity to sign Randy Moss as a great deal because they can then trade him or even hit him with the franchise tag and keep him for next year.  

If I were Carolina I would absolutely pick him up.  He could help get Steve Smith single covered and open up some running room for their currently stagnant running game.  
Maybe Denver with McDaniels the former Pats coach at the helm.  
Detroit has been a stickler for using their position in the waiver order over the last few years and I wouldn't put it past them to grab him.  I mean I'm sure they have someone on their roster that they can get rid of for Moss.  Besides their fans deserve a shot at winning a few more games.
-San Diego
The Chargers would have an opportunity to put Vincent Jackson and Randy Moss on the field at the same time for the rest of the season.  What a ridiculous offensive upgrade in one week that would be!  Rivers has already passed for over 300 yards 5 times this season.  Without either of them.
How badly do the Jags need talent?  I mean everywhere.  This would be a team I'd think would grab him to try to trade for picks.  Even an extra 5th or 6th rounder is better than they had last week.
No doubt the Redskins with Snyder will put in a claim on Moss.  They are in dire need of someone to catch all those sexy passes from Rex Grossman (ohmygodIcan'tbelievetheyputGrossmaninratherthanMcNabb.)

So there you have it folks.  Who do you think will pick up Randy Moss?

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