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Monday, November 22, 2010

Eli Manning: Stoppable

Not exactly Eli Manning's best game last night with 3 interceptions and a hope crushing last minute fumble. The fumble came as he attempted to slide head first after scrambling for a fist down.  Even though there was still 3:00 left in the game when it happened, the Giants weren't able to recover.  The Eagles took the ball down the field and capped their drive with a field goal which brought the final score to 27-17 Eagles.

Every time I see Eli mess something up all I can think of is the marketing team at Citizen slapping themselves in the forehead.  It doesn't seem like they could have chosen a worse spokesperson for a product tagged, "unstoppable."  There isn't a more stoppable looking face in the NFL.  Seriously, nobody in the NFL can quite pull off the, "I was just awkwardly stopped and I'm not sure how I feel but I kinda want to sulk by myself for a bit" face, like Eli Manning can.  How long until we can get a .gif of the self-imposed fumble with the unstoppable tag line?


John Hopkins said...

Eli Manning is fueled by light.

John Hopkins said...

And he has to be one of the wealthiest 15 yr old boys around.

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