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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dr. SKOHR's Weekend Picks. Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SKOHRboard.

This will be our regular Friday post about what is going to be awesome this coming weekend.  Welcome to the Weekend Picks.

- #3 TCU vs. #5 Utah
Saturday at 3:30 on CBS in some places on everywhere. Great matchup of the none automatic qualifiers/still unbeatens.  TCU has been playing shutdown defense for the last two years and will have to continue to do that as they bring their game to Utah this weekend.

- #15 Arizona vs. #13 Stanford
Saturday at 8:00 on ABC.  This is another matchup of top QBs.  Nick Foles of Arizona and Andrew Luck of Stanford get to showcase their talents to a national prime-time audience.  Both of these guys fall into the top echelon of draft eligible Quarterbacks of nearly everyone's draft board.

- Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles.
Sunday at 4:15 on CBS.  The return of Mike Vick to the starting lineup.  The return of Desean Jackson to the starting lineup after getting his brain scrambled.  Unfortunately for Eagles fans it's also the return of Peyton Manning (to the Linc) who can apparently win football games with only 10 random kids from mediocre high school teams around him.

-KC Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders
Sunday at 4:15 on CBS.  Surprisingly this game is worth watching.  Last year it would have been a real snooze-fest of cellar dwellers but this year both organizations have seemingly turned things around and are in heated battles for the lead in both their division and why not the AFC crown?

Enjoy the games!


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