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Monday, November 15, 2010

BCS Overshadows Great College Football

How do the outcomes of the final games for Hawaii and San Diego St. impact the race for the National Championship?  Read the latest article by Ralph D. Russo to find out just that and more.  He explains why the BCS has us fixated on only the unbeaten Top 4 schools right now.  Meanwhile there are some very compelling conference races happening all around the country not to mention many other great College Football stories hidden by the all the attention focused on the race to be #1.

Another point he brought up that got me thinking was his mention of how a 16 team playoff would actually make these late in the season games much more exciting if there were more than 4 teams playing for the National Championship.  At this point there are really only 2 weeks of College Football remaining this year, in some cases 3, but what that means is that there are about 8 games left that will have any ability to shape who gets to play for the national championship.  Now if there were a 16 team playoff there would be 32 or 48 games left that would "matter."  However the BCS is interested in making money for itself, not the colleges.  If the college presidents and conference boards only realized the money making potential available in making these late season games "matter."   It would make more people watch the games, which would translate to more money from their tv deals and advertisers.  Then maybe, just maybe, they would begin to realize that they don't need to depend on the BCS and their huge bowl payouts.  Here's hoping.


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