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Monday, October 25, 2010

SKOHRboard's Top 3 Thoughts on the Week

#1. It's Halloween! Proper etiquette for this weekend requires that you wear a costume. Showing up at a party dressed as "a guy who likes to party!" is about the most lame thing imaginable or unimaginable as it were. Making some effort is considered polite but going above and beyond will make you a hero. So go for the gold this weekend and try that costume that has always alluded you (Eli Manning or maybe a more recent version.)

#2. Where have all our QBs gone? It certainly seems like all the Quarterbacks in the league are getting hurt. Or that's what SportsCenter would have me believe! But seriously Kolb, Vick, Romo, Vince Young, Matt Moore, Cutler, Collins, Stafford, Hill, Alex Smith, Gradkowski, Garrard, Batch, Dixon, Delhomme, and Wallace. That is just off the top of my head and it's darn near 1/3 of the league's starting signal callers. For all the safety elements that have been worked into the rules to protect these guys in recent years, it certainly seems like they are under more pressure now than ever before. What's the deal? Is it poor line play, more dominant pass rushers, longer drops, better pass coverage? Probably all of the above.

Somehow Peyton Manning never seems to get hurt though. I mean the guy doesn't even really get touched. He is so good at what he does that he knows when pressure is coming and is usually able to get a quick pass off before they can get to him.

Do these injuries to QBs mean something or will they inspire another rule change from the NFL? Perhaps it will put a premium on backup QBs as Andy Reid has continued to say this season when pressed about his "quarterback contreversy." Maybe we'll see more and more teams go into a QBBC system as we've seen from most team's running back corps. Wouldn't it be strange if we saw teams start incorporating two QBs into their standard offense as happens in college more frequently?

#3. Baseball season is over! The NFL and NBA won! Unfortunately for the MLB the World Series is featuring neither the Yankees or the Phillies but instead will be two rather blue collar teams focused on pitching and dramatic base running, the Giants and Rangers. This match-up could be just as interesting but unfortunately for baseball it won' t be as interesting to as many and their ratings will most likely be down this year as their season finale coincides with the most hyped NBA season Tip-Off in recent memory.

Tonight we'll finally get to see the new look Miami Heat and hopefully we can all get over our false admonitions of LeBron too. They guy is good at playing basketball and wants to win a championship. Is that so horrible? He took less money to move to Miami in order to try to win. Isn't that what we want from our stars, the desire to win games put before making money? Seems like he made the honorable move but somehow people are dissing him. Why, because he is now playing with 2 other all-stars? So what? I guarantee that if any one of us had that opportunity we would do it too. That sounds awesome!


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