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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SKOHRboard's Top 3 Thoughts on the Week

Lot's of good stuff to chat about going on this week. We'll lead off with what is dominating the NFL landscape this week.

#1 Headlines. The NFL must step in immediately to put an end to the vicious hits being doled out frequently these days. There must have been 10 players knocked out of games this weekend due to head shots both legal and illegal. You can read more about this in the previous post.

#2 Baseball playoffs. Baseball!! On SKOHRboard?! Yeah! Seriously, baseball just got exciting so let's take a look. The Rangers are up 2-1 after a dominating game from Cliff Lee last night. They really couldn't be in a better position to steal this series from the Yankes. Tonight, actually today, the Phillies face the Giants in SF with Hamels squaring off against Cain. Although Hamels has the edge in terms of playoff experience it's tough to say who has had a better year in terms of pitching. Should be a great matchup and another gritty game in the series.

#3 Red Bulls. Speaking of Rounders, why not introduce another British theme to the SKOHRboard today. Wayne Rooney the Soccer player of the year last year apparently wants out of Manchester United. He is 24 and has been playing in the premier league since he was 15. With faded starts like Beckham and Henry coming to the states in high profile moves to the MLS in recent years is it possible that Rooney becomes the latest defector? Probably not. However, we here at the SKOHRboard would certainly approve. Although I have personally been a recent addition to the soccer bandwagon, and honestly only follow the World Cup, it would be a serious coup if the MLS were able to score a player like Rooney. The only other players in the world that hold his kind of cache right now are probably Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

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