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Monday, May 3, 2010

The "The"

A few days have gone by with SKOHRboard in my life and I've done a lot of thinking. Well not a lot, but more like some. Does SKOHRboard need a "The?"

Sure it seems somewhat inconsequential but it does add a certain something. The SKOHRboard. Sounds nice doesn't it? But is it better than simply SKOHRboard? Fortunately we are still in the developmental stages of this blog and the following isn't too large that I'd lose that many readers if I were to change it now.

SKOHRboard is simple and easy to remember. Think about Facebook, Google, or Twitter, none of them start with "The." It helps with SEO, the URL is just plain shorter, makes for less chances to mistype. The SKOHRboard sounds one of kind, but is also reminiscent of the scoreboards that everyone is used to.

So I have an idea of what I'd like to do but what do you think?


Justin said...

I guess this isn't a decision that can be entrusted to the flip of a coin: your ever-growing readership hangs in the balance! I'm a fan of SKOHRboard. Facebook used to be "thefacebook" and wised up. No one needs another determiner in his life!

Jusjerm said...

Yeah, but if a losing team is talking trash in a game, they are advised to "check the scoreboard." Likewise, I think a wayward internet user would be wise to check The SKOHRboard while surfing the web.

Jeffrey said...

A compromise perhaps? You call it "The SKOHRBoard" in the title, but keep it "SKOHRBoard" in the URL (a la The New York Times, The Huffington Post, etc). Almost no self-respecting website has "The" in it's URL.

Bobby Kennedy said...

"Nobody fvcks with the Jesus"... I mean, the SKOHRboard.

Bobby Kennedy said...

PS I vote for Jeff's compromise. "The SKOHRBoard" in the title, but keep the URL to just "SKOHRBoard"

Ivan Bravo said...

Thanks for the feedback! I really like the conversation going here and will give it another day or two before making the final decision.

Wade Garrett said...

Jeff's compromise makes sense to me, too.

Justin! said...

Yeah, I agree with the compromise described above

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